Igor Cornelsen’s Long Career In Finance

This Investment guru is a Brazilian by nationality who currently resides in the United States of America, specifically in Florida. Mr. Cornelsen was born in Curitiba in 1947. He was admitted to the University of Parana to study engineering. After two years in engineering, Igor decided to change his career choice and major on economics instead.

His career journey

Igor Cornelsen was first employed as an investment banker at Multibanco following his graduation from university. His advancement to the top was quick, as he had managed to secure a place in the board of directors and to eventually become the Chief Executive Officer on this particular institution in only two years. This achievement was however short-lived when the Bank of America bought Multibanco which necessitated Igor to move to Unibanco.

Mr. Cornelsen eventually left Unibanco and worked at several other banking institutions including Libra Bank and this contributed to the acquisition of all the experience he has in the investment sector. It is all this experience he had acquired that drove him to start his own company, Bainbridge Investment Inc. where he entirely devotes to finding the best strategies in investment for his clients.

Among his investment strategies are long-term investments and also the acquisition of what is called ‘damaged’ stock. In the matter of long-term investment, Igor doesn’t look for fast money. Instead, he is for the idea of earning profits throughout retirement, and this is why his strategies are unsuitable for any person interested in immediate results.

Mr. Cornelsen advises persons to go for damaged stocks mainly because they are affordable and once stability has been realized, then the returns turn into substantial investments. His unique skills in the early prediction of market trends are attributed to the experience he has gathered while working for financial institutions throughout the years. These skills are also his advantage against his competitors in the investment world as he is always a step ahead because of them.

Find out more about Igor Cornelsen: https://interview.net/igor-cornelsen/

Why Oren Frank Needs a Chief Medical Officer

Oren Frank is a successful entrepreneur who is based in the United States. For many years, the businessman has been keen on helping the community understand that mental health issues are normal, and that they should be addressed just like all other diseases. Many companies in the global market have been losing their employees to mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety. Oren Frank, a man who is very passionate about serving the community, came to offer help to the society when he founded Talkspace. The company is now one of the leaders in the market when it comes to provision of therapy online. The organization has the best professionals who are very experienced, and they are patient with the customers who ask for therapy online. Oren Frank has been serving in the position of chief executive officer, making the most crucial decisions in the respected company. Talkspace has clients from all over the world at the moment. Check out Oren Frank interview on Youtube

Several years after its establishment, Talkspace has changed the lives of many mental patients. The company has been partnering with employers from different regions of the world. The employers pay for the online therapy so that the workers can get help whenever they need without physically visiting a medical facility. All the professionals offering therapy to the clients are experienced and hence many people have changed their lives, and they are now living happily.

Oren Frank took the initiative of introducing a new role in Talkspace so that the patients can have a better experience. Oren Frank has announced that they will be introducing a chief medical officer to help in delivering high quality services. The candidate who has been offered the position is experienced, and he has all the right tools to handle the high number of patients who seek online therapy from Talkspace.

Read: https://www.talkspace.com/online-therapy/reshaping-behavioral-health-2017/oren-frank-intro-presentation/


PSI-Pay Offers Innovative Payment Methods

The company is registered and operates under the guidelines of FCA. It has helped many firms in different parts of the world to streamline payment methods. Over the years, PSI has focused on developing several products for their clients which include debit and pre-paid cards. The firm has made it possible for its customers to make their financial transactions in 173 nations where 44 currencies are used. Some people are still confused about how digital wallets operate. Digital wallets have several similar features as the traditional accounts.


However, they are more convenient as they allow you to have your cash and other financial instruments in one place. The digital wallets ensure more security for your funds as you do not need to carry all your cards to perform a transaction.


The digital wallets are designed differently in different parts of the world depending on the varying customer needs. In Europe, the technology has gained prominence and most of the users use the digital wallets that have cash balances. The clients find them more convenient as they can hold several currencies that the users prefer. Once the customers have linked debit cards to their digital wallets, they can easily make withdrawals from ATMs.


In cases of disputes during payments, the wallet providers are involved in settling them. One of the main methods that most European users use to deposit funds into their digital wallets is the use of the traditional accounts. After the introduction of cryptocurrency in Europe, the traders embraced the digital wallets to enable them to use the funds in various shops and retail stores.


Some people have considered abandoning the traditional bank accounts, but it’s worth noting that they do not provide all the features of the conventional platform. After the introduction of the digital wallets, some companies closed some of their accounts and conduct their financial transactions through the technology. Over the years, different retailers and service providers have embraced mobile payment technology to facilitate the use of digital wallets. Some of the experts have urged different users to be cautious when transacting when they have large amounts of balances.


In European countries, there have been some legislative changes that are aimed at streamlining the use of digital wallets. For example, mobile wallets are now included in deposit insurance programs. The service providers are also required by the law to keep funds in secure bank accounts. Unlike in the traditional financial institutions, one cannot earn interest by saving their money in an online wallet.



The Change-Maker in Betsy DeVos

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos is a change-maker. Since her college years, the young Betsy Prince has shown potential to be successful in every endeavor she chooses to undertake, eventually becoming involved in campus politics. Since then, Mrs. DeVos has associated herself in many campaigns, political action committees, and party organizations, including being the chairman of the Michigan Republican Party. This strong drive for reform isn’t a trait that she alone has — her husband, Dick DeVos, was the Republican candidate for Governor of Michigan.



Despite her husband’s unsuccessful attempt for the governorship, the DeVoses continued to search for ways to address the loopholes in education.. before she was appointed U.S. Secretary of Education, Mrs. DeVos was the chairman of the Windquest Group, a company that invests in clean energy, manufacturing, and technology. She built the multi-company in 1989 with her husband, who happens to the former president of the Orlando Magic basketball team and former president of multi-level marketing company Amway.



Her most important work, perhaps, is her philanthropy. She chairs the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, a non-profit organization known to support a wide range of interest. She is also acquainted with local groups, including the Foundation for Excellence in Education, Kids Hope USA, Mars Hill Bible Church, and the DeVos Institute for Arts Management at the Kennedy Center.



Today, however, Mrs. DeVos is more known as an advocate for the educational-choice movement and has chaired both the Alliance for School Choice and the American Federation for Children (AFC).



According to the philanthropist, her family is driven to help other parents, particularly those from low-income families, to place their children in the right school. It’s the reason why they decided to award scholarships to financially incapable families so that parents can decide where they want their kids educated.



However, Mrs. DeVos was aware that awarding scholarships wasn’t enough to address the real problem. Despite the effort, a lot of kids still didn’t get the scholarships they deserve, leaving a lot of parents still in search of a solution. This led to her becoming more involved in the educational-choice movement, which she still continues to push to this day.



In 2000, the DeVoses pushed to alter the state constitution to allow vouchers or tax-credit scholarships. They failed, however, with Mrs. DeVoses calling the failed initiative “tragic,” considering the state of Michigan has a lot of families especially in the state’s urban school districts.



Being in the politics for most of her life and having chaired the Michigan Republican Party for several years, Mrs. DeVos responded to the defeat by starting a political action committee in her home state, which they call the Great Lakes Education Project. The group was created in order to promote changes in the education system through the expansion of charter schools. The movement saw success Michigan, which led to the decision of expanding their vocation nationally.



The wealth of the DeVoses is known to many, but they’re putting their money where their views are, which fortunately for us, are for the good of mankind.


To learn more, visit www.betsydevos.com.

Rebel Wilson: An Icon, A Star, A Feminist

Rebel WIlson is most well-known for the iconic performance as Fat Amy in the three part movie series, Pitch Perfect. Rebel Wilson is probably one of the most complete packages when it comes to the performing arts: she can dance, sing, can do comedy and she has the most charming and most pleasing personality. Her edge as an artist is amplified by her personality. Rebel Wilson’s take on comedy is the perfect mix on her take on American humor along with her Australian culture.

Rebel Wilson is also well known as a supporting character for Dakota Johnson starred movie, How To Be Single. In this movie, she utilizes her strengths in witty comedy and her charming personality to perform another stellar performance which was loved by her fans once again.

Watch her video below:

It is about time that Rebel Wilson is casted as the main role in a Hollywood Film. She is now going to play the lead role in the romantic comedy movie – “Isn’t It Romantic” where she plays a girl who has to do everything to avoid romantic cliches to be able to get out of the dimension she was stuck in. In this movie, she acts with a powerhouse cast led by the male Hollywood star, Liam Hemsworth – and the gorgeous Priyanka Chopra.

Interestingly, Rebel Wilson is not just a successful Australian Bombshell who excels in different facets of the performing arts. She also has philanthropies that she aims to forward and pioneer.

An Icon For Feminism

Growing up and studying in an all-girls school, she has learned at an early age what it meant to be a woman of strength, vigor and tenacity. Rebel Wilson was taught and was built with a mindset that she deserves nothing but happiness and that she is capable of building her dreams and doing what makes her happy. Read more: Isn’t Romantic Trailer | Glamour and Rebel Wilson Reveals Character Isn’t Romantic Wears Clothes Fashion Line | Daily Mail

Now, being the successful woman that she is, she is now using her platform to inspire the young women of today. Rebel Wilson aims to inspire and encourage these young women to always put their happiness first and to do what make them happy. That they are capable of reaching their dreams and achieving success just like she did.

An Idol of Body Positivity

Being a woman of size and in the shape of the non-traditional Hollywood body, being consistently scrutinized by the harsh media of Hollywood – Rebel Wilson has built thick skin and has learned to love the body that she is in. There is beauty in all shapes and sizes, and Rebel Wilson wants everyone to love the skin that they are in. Learn more about Rebel Wilson:

In this cause, she has also noticed the lack of clothing options available in the market for plus-sized people. Which is why she has launched a clothing line that specifically caters for plus size people.

Interestingly, Rebel Wilson also knows that true self love means that you take care of yourself which is why Rebel Wilson has also taken effort into eating more healthily and living a better lifestyle. Rebel Wilson has taken initiative into loving herself more, which meant living a healthier life.

Paul Mampilly on Investment Decisions

Paul Mampilly is a senior editor in Banyan Hill Publishing. He holds an MBA from Fordham University. He has used his knowledge in the finance sector and acquired vast experience. He worked at Deutsche Bank and Kinetics Asset Management. Several companies wanted to hire him after seeing how skilled he is. He helped Kinetics Asset Management increase its assets to 25 billion dollars.

Paul wanted to spend more time with his family. He grew tired of making money for the rich. Although he is not active investment industry as he used to, he is an investment and research analyst. He loves helping people make money. Paul Mampilly learned how to use money at a tender age. He says that financial management is important in today’s economy. He teaches people how to get good returns from their investments. He uses his position at Banyan Hill Publishing to give investment advice to help make sound financial decisions.

Paul Mampilly joined Banyan Hill Newspaper in 2016. He is a vital member of the team. More than 90 000 people have signed for Mampilly’s newsletter. Mampilly newsletters are released every month detailing new investment opportunities. He also lists different stocks readers can buy. Furthermore, Paul manages True Momentum, and Extreme Fortunes. His contributions to the investment industry speak for themselves.

Mampilly says what gives him an edge in the industry is helping retail individuals and regular citizens make money. He has proven that he wants to help people become rich. He tracks the stock that his readers like and update them on any development. Paul Mampilly has a soft spot for his followers. He wants them to avoid investment mistakes people make due to lack of information.

Paul Mampilly asserts that changes in the stock market have occurred due to the introduction of computers. Work that was done by humans is now done by computers. Computers are using information against people. Investors are using technological tools to track stock prices. The average retailer is disadvantaged and left without information. Mampilly tracks stock prices and investment changes to keep readers informed on developments. Seeing people make wise investment decisions keeps him going.


Chaz Deans Hair Care Products

Chaz Dean is a popular stylist that is based in Hollywood. He dedicates his time to styling hair, owning a salon, and creating hair care products that his customers will love. Chaz has spent many years of his life caring for hair, which is why he wanted to come up with his own hair care system.

Wen was founded in the year 2000. Since it was founded, he has sold over 40 million bottles on Amazon and other retailers. Wen is also one of the most competitive hair products in the market today. Chaz Dean has millions of satisfied clients all over the world. His hair care system has been proven to soften, strengthen, and moisturize your hair and to leave it looking amazing. These products offer several types of cleansing conditioners made with natural products for every type of hair. These products are also gentle on the hair, which is great for those looking to restore healthy hair.

Chaz Deans’ products are for every kind of hair whether its dry, oily, fine, or thick hair. He is constantly creating products to fit his customer’s needs, and he has millions of satisfied customers. Choosing the right conditioner can enhance your hairs health drastically, and Wen by Chaz Dean has a product for everyone. Visit the wen.com website for more information.

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Information On Equity First Holding, LLC

This article is an overview of Equity First Holdings, LLC.

Equity First is a company that provides lending services to businesses as well as private individuals. The company gives out loans based on what they think the risks involved would be to each particular client as well as any future returns that the loan may accrue.

The company began in 2002 in Indianapolis and has since also opened up in a satellite office in New York.

The Primary Executives for the company include President Al Christy Jr., Managing Director Jeff Smith, Director Of Operations Julie LaPoint, Head Trader Joe McCarthy and Chief Risk Officer Simon Moore.

About Equity First Holding: www.manta.com/c/mmn52d7/equities-first-holdings-llc

“Marc Beer’s Renovia Receives $42 Million Series B Funding To Boost Women Health “

Last year, 2018 was a good year for Marc Beer when it was confirmed that Renovia Inc. a company he helped co-found in 2016 would receive $42 million. The money would be used to produce various healthcare products that help diagnose and treat various pelvic floor disorders among women sufferers. The Series B funding, whose funders include one former donator, Longwood Fund, will be released in two batches. The first batch of $32 million, which was announced in August 2018, is in cash while the $10 million remainder is in venture debt.


While the $42 million is the greatest donation so far, it is not the first funding Marc Beer has received. In early 2018, Marc Beer’s Renovia Inc. received its first funding from Longwood Fund, a premium investment company that deals in the production of various health-related products. It is during this initial funding that Marc Beer’s company successfully produced and launched its debut product. In April 2018, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of Leva, a gadget produced by Renovia Inc. to help diagnose and treat urinary incontinence and related pelvic floor disorders among women.


Latest reports from the World Health Organization (WHO) show that various forms of pelvic floor disorders affect more than 250 million worldwide. With this vast number of sufferers, Marc Beer’s Renovia Inc. is committed to producing the latest high-end biotechnological devices that help to diagnose PFDs. While the first funding successfully saw the launch and approval of Leva, Renovia’s debut product, part of the second funding dubbed Series B will also go toward the improvement of the first device. According to Marc Beer, part of the $42 million his company has received will be used to launch and carry tests on a newer version of Leva.


A major part of the funds will, however, be directed to the production of three other devices, which Beer says will significantly help in the treatment of PFDs among women. Although Marc did not mention what the devices are, it is evident that the company will embark on their production once the funding has finally been received. In a statement to thank his partners, Marc Beer said, “We are thrilled to have the support of this group of leading healthcare investors who share our vision to better diagnose, treat and improve the lives of millions of women affected by pelvic floor disorders.” Learn more: https://renoviainc.com/leadership/


Marc Beer is an accomplished manager with over 25 years of experience in the health biotechnology sector. Before starting Renovia Inc. the father of three worked for ViaCell. He joined this biotechnology firm in 2000. He rose to various ranks and before the company was placed under new management, Marc Beer served as its Chief Executive Officer.


Jose Auriemo Neto of JHSF Ventures in Property Development

Diversifying your brand through new ventures, acquisitions in addition to mergers is a good strategy for growing your business. Instead of relying on the core business alone to make money, a diversified brand is flexible enough to offer more options when it comes to different economic changes. At the same time, diversification can vastly increase management costs as well as a bureaucracy to the point of making the portfolio unsuccessful. Your objective should be generating higher profits. As Jose Auriemo Neto illustrates in his career, portfolio diversification leads to the growth and development of a brand. At 27 years old, Jose Auriemo Neto delved into the leadership docket of JHSF.

Being the firstborn son of Fabio Auriemo who was a co-founder of the company, he threw in his leadership skills into the firm thereby enabling it to succeed. He worked hard to ensure that the management takes up useful policies that developed its portfolio. Jose Auriemo Neto has over the years learned to diversify the company’s portfolio by cheerleading projects such as creating the Parkbem parking lot at the age of 17. The project would then cultivate significant interest in his managerial roles. The ability to deliver impeccable results has been his strength when it comes to leading JHSF. Today, Jose Auriemo Neto is the man behind the development of shopping malls such as Cidade Jardim Shopping Complex and Metro Santa Cruz. The company would then give JHSF some space to focus on the luxury market thereby exceeding its expectations.

JHSF is prominent for being Brazil’s leading real estate property developer. It has been a significant controller of the development of various properties including the management of domestic in addition to commercial rental property, construction, besides improvement of high-end commercial premises and restaurants among others. JHSF has also been serving Brazil’s real estate property market for more than three decades. The company has a wealth of vast experience in delivering the right products to its clients. Currently, the management understands that the country faces a shortage of house. To handle the problem, the company has been partnering with firms that are venturing into property development.