Gareth Henry, a Great Deal Maker in the World of Finance

Gareth Henry has worked with the Fortress Investment Group and led them to success in countless ways. Currently, he is working at Angelo Gordon and Co, an Investment Firm that is based in New York City. He is dealing with Alternative Investments. Henry is fully committed to ushering in more success in his current organization. So far, the president of the organization is sufficiently impressed with whatever Henry is delivering. Gareth’s hard work leaves everyone at the firm happy. When he joined the company, everybody was more than delighted to have him in the team. Well, what can we say, Henry is a great mind. Angelo Gordon is a company with a very lucrative reputation. It’s known to possess the on board.

They chose to hire Henry Gareth as he is well known as a business professional. Gareth Henry is responsible for multiple roles in the organisation. He happens to be the Global Head of Investor Relations at the firm. Angelo Gordon board of directors, entirely believes in Henry, that he will be able to deliver thus propelling the firm’s success to greater heights. Gareth Henry is an executive in finance with whom shining has been the order of the day since the genesis of his career as a university student. His qualifications have made him work for a number of well-known and most prominent financial institutions in the world.

In every firm that Mr. Gareth has worked in, he has helped them to achieve their goals financially. He has assisted the companies to triumph in their endeavours. Gareth Henry also uses his expertise to help others who would want to achieve what he has accomplished. So, this indicates that Mr. Gareth is selfless in a great deal. His incredible and outstanding performance in management has made him be recognized and appreciated in the global arena by his colleague entrepreneurs and leaders. Henry is with no doubt a knowledgeable man in studying the markets. Another more reason to say this is that he is a business coach. This means that he is familiar with his profession.

The Brains For The Job: Anthony Constantinou


Anthony Constantinou is a very smart man and has worked in many different areas of artificial intelligence. He is currently the head of Bayesianb Research Lab in England. He is a man who is constantly looking to improve the way that artificial intelligence works and how to make it better for everyone.

A few things that have happened for Anthony Constantinou are all very good things. One of the things that have happened is that there is a position for a Ph.D. student at the facility. He invites all students of all nationalities to apply for the position if they wish. The project deals with structure learning and will be tailored to the candidate’s strengths. The project involves using graphical models to show relationships between data and the areas of interest for the potential candidate whether it be economics or the world of finance. The project can begin at the candidates liking but no later than October 2018. A project like this helps Anthony Constantinou give back to the next generation of pioneers in the world of artificial intelligence.

Anthony Constantinou has also published and received acclaim for his work in the field of artificial intelligence. One of the more recent articles involves a model that he called Delores. It was entered in an international competition called Machine Learning for Soccer. The great news for him was that the model placed second overall in the competition. He was also appointed to become a Turing Fellow in August of this year.

Anthony Constantinou is a man who pushes the boundaries of artificial intelligence and the applications of it for future generations. These projects are one way to make the world of artificial intelligence for others. He will keep working to make it happen. Anthony Constantinou wouldn’t have it any other way. Visit His Profile on Linkedin.




Betsy DeVos: A Political Fighter With A Polite Attitude

There is no doubt that Betsy DeVos is a political fighter of the type that rarely comes around. She has made incredible progress on the goals that she cares about. At the same time, she is the kind of person that you might like to sit down and have a coffee with. She makes you feel warm and at home when it comes to being on a one-on-one basis, but you don’t want to stand in her way if she is attempting to solve some kind of political issue. Disagree with her view at your own peril.


Betsy DeVos has always had a way of attracting controversy. Even when she was nominated to be the Secretary of Education in the Trump Administration, she only won that nomination battle when Vice-President Pence cast the deciding and tie-breaking vote in the Senate to push through her nomination. That was something that caused a lot of controversy and drama in the Trump Administration’s earliest days.


Even though DeVos has been someone who has courted drama just by being herself, you have to admit that she is able to get a lot of things done. It has been pretty amazing to watch as she has continued to lobby for the creation of more and more charter schools as an alternative to the public school system that she honestly believes is a failure for our children. She has long held this view, and now she has the power to do something about it.


A big difference between DeVos and the President is that she does not like to have the spotlight on herself. As a matter of fact, she works a lot better when all eyes are not on her. She tends to get more done that way, and that translates to big accomplishments in general.


The same people who know all of this and who oppose DeVos based on differences of opinion about what is best for the education of children also admit that she has a certain way about her that is just charming and makes you know that she really believes in the things that she fights for. She is not heartless or cold, but rather someone who has at times come up with ways to make her ideas and the ideas of the Administration more compassionate.


You can say for sure that DeVos is a role-model when it comes to creating the kind of educational system that we would all like to see in this country. You may not agree with her exact views or ways of going about things, but we all have to be happy to see someone putting their whole heart and soul into something like this. It is the easiest way to tell that she really means that things that she says.


Take a look at Betsy DeVos the next time she gives a public speech somewhere and see if you can pick out the kind of person that she really is. It might just be hidden up in there.


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What To Know About Investing In Freedom Checks

Investors are always looking for the nest great thing to place their capital in and watch it return them huge amounts of money. It takes time, effort and the insight to gain a great return on an initial investment. But with the right investment, a good amount of capital and patience any investor can reap great benefits from their investment. Freedom Checks is something a lot of investors are talking about. Many articles have been written about it and blogs speak on this too. Some people are eager to jump at this opportunity and others question its legality and legitimacy.

Many investors are claiming to have received tens of thousands and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars in Freedom Checks. If everyone is telling the truth or not, that can be questionable. But one thing is for sure that many investors are earing from these types of checks. To receive one of these hefty checks in the mail, you must be an investor in a Master Limited Partnership.

MLPs were created decades ago to encourage Americans to start investing in domestic oil and natural resource companies. These businesses that are registered as an MLP are publicly traded companies. The government gives these companies and their investors tax benefits. Profits from these companies are only taxed after investors have been paid their portion. This is a plus for companies. It offers companies the ability to have cash flow.

The types of sectors that are usually involved in a MLP are typically selective. Transportation, mining, oil and gas companies typically fall into the MLP category. These companies have been giving out their customers dividends in the form of Freedom Checks. For an investor to get started in investing in an MLP it is rather easy. First, an investor should do some research. There are many companies claiming to be sending out Freedom Checks but are fraudulent scams. Second, an investor should have some previous experience or a financial expert to lead them in selecting which company poses the best return on capital. Lastly, the investor should buy stock in the MLP of their choice.

Rick Shinto: A Look at His Healthcare Career

Dr. Rick Shinto possesses at least 20 years of experience in healthcare and management fields. He is a specialist in pulmonology and natural medicine, and currently the president and CEO of InnovaCare Health Solutions. He also serves as the CEO of MMM Healthcare which is part of InnovaCare group of companies. He was awarded a Bachelor of Science degree from California University. He further studied and attained a medical degree from New York State University and an MBA degree from Redlands University.

Rick Shinto initiated his career in Southern California as a pulmonologist. He later joined MedPartners where he served as the Executive Vice President of Medical Management. Then, he moved to Cal Optima Health where he acted as the Chief Medical Officer. Rick Shinto then transferred to Medical Pathways Management Company where he operated as the Executive Operations Manager and Chief Medical Officer. He then joined the North American Medical Management (NAMM) which later became a subsidiary of Aveta Inc. He served as the President and CEO of Aveta, and the company grew to be among the best-managed healthcare providers in the U.S. For more details visit


After Aveta, Rick Shinto moved to InnovaCare where he became the president and CEO, and also its subsidiary MMM Healthcare. MMM Holdings takes care of Medicare Advantage health policies for individuals with special needs and the elderly in Puerto Rico. MMM is the only accredited Healthcare plans provider by the National Committee for Health Assurance in Puerto Rico. Additionally, InnovaCare is the leading healthcare service provider in North America. Check out


To augment his biography, Rick Shinto is a consistent publisher in a lot of journals about healthcare. Also, he has acted as a member of several committees including the Health Net Quality Improvement Council and the PacifiCare Quality Improvement Committee. Rick Shinto’s achievements can be ascribed to his support for his staff members. MMM has been severally identified to be among the best employers in Puerto Rico. Rick Shinto is devoted to providing workers with friendly working atmosphere and a feeling of acceptance. Finally, Rick Shinto’s dream is to watch an organization where payment of health services is made according to the quality of services offered.



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Eric Lefkofsky: The Great Man Behind Tempus

Eric Lefkofsky is a renowned technology expert and philanthropist in Chicago. He is the Chief Executive Officer and founding partner at Tempus. He also co-founded Lightbank which funds businesses in disruptive technology. Lefkofsky is also the co-founder and Chair of a worldwide e-commerce marketplace, Groupon. He serves in other organizations at both leadership and managerial positions. Additionally, he is the co-chairman of the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, a high-impact initiative he founded together with his wife in a bid to enhance lives at the community level.Since the launch of Tempus Labs in 2006, Eric has been actively involved in enhancing its growth and sustainability.

Tempus provides quality services in genomic sequencing with a major goal of helping physicians in making comprehensive treatment decisions for their cancer patients. It primarily deals with the collection and analysis of clinical as well as molecular data from different cancer centers and hospitals around the country. Tempus partners with other companies including the Clinical Oncology of the American Society, Mayo Clinic, and the Northwestern University’s Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center among others. Tempus currently stands at more than one billion dollars value. It is committed to ensuring the well-being of cancer patients.

Eric Lefkofsky’s career borrows heavily from his education background. He holds a J.D and a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan.Eric is the chairperson to the Steppenwolf Theatre trustees’ board. Additionally, he is a dedicated trustee at the Chicago Art Institute. He is also a member of the Chicago-based Lurie Children’s Hospital. Besides the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, the Lefkofsky’s signed the giving pledge by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett; where half of their wealth goes to charity. In his efforts to help the cancer situation, Eric seeks to play a vital role in enhancing cancer treatment and other dreadful diseases by using precision medicine. He wishes to save at least 100,000 lives every year within the next decade.

David Mcdonald, OSI Group President: Steering the Company to great success

The Global food processing firm the OSI Group’s chairman and CEO David McDonald has now spent over thirty years with the enterprise. During this time, the famous Iowa State University graduate has helped the company to achieve unprecedented growth. The firm now serves customers in 80 states around the globe and has more close to 70 processing centers in Western Europe, the United States, Eastern, India, China and other parts of Asia, Australia and in many other locations around the globe. With Mr. McDonald’s has constructed ten processing centers in China and the company has grown to become the world largest poultry products processor.

When Mr. David McDonald finalized his degree in animal science studies in 1987 and was employed as a project lead manager by the famous OSI Group, nobody anticipated he might become such an important part of the business’s establishment of important operations in China. He has played a key role in during OSI Group’s acquisition of Leading Dutch and Europe food plants Baho Foods. Mr. McDonald’s interaction with the logistics group has facilitated the OSI Group company remain relevant constantly in the evolving worldwide food services industry. His part in working with related governmental agencies, marketers and local suppliers help to make things flow smoothly.

David McDonald’s capability to handle difficult issues has helped the OSI Group create dynamic partnerships and cultivate culturally sensitive food products to appeal to the unique taste of clients in different countries. This has made OSI Group to surpass client expectations and has continued to enjoy increased success even during the early stages of entering new markets. OSI Group’s Spain Plant Doubles Chicken Output with Recent Expansion.

Mr. McDonald deep understands of the firm’s goals and vision has helped the enterprise to continue being flexible enough in order to take advantage of market opportunities as they come by. He has also helped the staff uphold high-quality standards levels and demonstrates the firm’s reputation for treating all members of staff and clients like family members.

During the three decades period since graduating from the Iowa State University, Mr. David McDonald has also remained actively involved with related the school.He helped to organize internships for several ISU students at the company. H also donates to various schools’ scholarship fund programs and works with the ISU’s Department of Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative. Two of Mr. McDonald’s 6 kids attend the Iowa State University. He has also volunteered with Wheaton; Illinois’s St. Michael Parrish and he is the current North American Meat Institute’s board chairman.

Serial Entrepreneur Dr. Mark McKenna Opens OvMe

Dr. Mark McKenna has always seen himself as an entrepreneur, and accordingly, he has always been in business for himself. He says he has trouble envisioning himself as an employee, according to an article on the Technology News Extra website[1].

Of course, there were temporary jobs when he went to medical school on his way to becoming a surgeon. On one of those jobs — examining prisoners at a nearby prison — he saved up enough money to make his first real estate investment. McKenna continued to invest in real estate with success. He created a real estate business and subsequently acquired a title company and a real estate lending company. With all the building blocks in place, he started his own turnkey development company.

Dr. Mark McKenna credits his parents for his lifelong bent for entrepreneurship. His father was a self-employed surgeon. His mother owned a publishing firm. Their example became his model for life.

But it wasn’t long before disaster paid Dr. Mark McKenna and the citizens of New Orleans a visit in the form of Hurricane Katrina. The hurricane devastated his business with the same efficiency that it destroyed New Orleans. McKenna didn’t quit, nor did he lose his resolve. He rebuilt his business by helping to rebuild New Orleans.

Dr. Mark McKenna escaped the next disaster — the financial and housing crisis of 2008 — with his funds intact. He’d sensed a change in the economic climate and cashed out.

Dr. Mark McKenna next created ShapeMed, a boutique medical firm. It was quite successful, and he was sold it to Lifetime Fitness, as they wanted to add it to their stable of fitness enterprises.

The next venture Dr. Mark McKenna founded was OvMe, pronounced Of Me. It’s an aesthetic company. Its business proposition is to connect those who wish to improve their appearance with competent, reputable medical practitioners. Their primary offering is a direct to consumer app that McKenna says is unlike anything yet seen in the medical field. OvMe opened their first store in the Atlanta suburb of Buckhead in late spring of 2018.

Peter Briger Contributes to the Growth of Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger has built a reputation, having worked in the investment and finance sector for decades. One of his considerable achievements in his career is serving for 15 years at Goldman, Sachs & Co., after becoming a partner in 1996. Peter is married and blessed with four children. At the age of 43, Peter Briger has a net worth of $2.3 billion. He joins the list of 400 professionals in the Forbes list having worked his way in the finance sector. Peter has learned about the industry, which enables him to offer his clients investment ideas to help them succeed in their businesses. Peter is currently a principal and co-chairman of Fortress Investment Group. He has impacted the company positively, thanks to his excellent leadership skills.

Peter serves on the board of directors of the investment group and also takes up several crucial roles in the company, including decision making. Peter Briger is a successful career man, but his success didn’t come without effort. He started working immediately after completing his master’s in business administration from the Wharton Business School. Peter was also a student at Princeton University where he earned his bachelor’s degree. While working at Goldman Sachs, Peter ensured that the company’s operations were run smoothly by selecting the right team leaders and formulating viable policies. He was also dedicated to attracting and retaining clients, which made it easy for the company to grow.

Peter Briger is one of the most critical and influential team leaders at Fortress Investment Group. Having earned an impressive reputation in the investment career, Peter is sought after for financial podcasts. Besides working as a leader, Briger has also sat in various board meetings within Fortress Investment Group. He is not only a mentor but also a guide for several of his clients. Even though Fortress Investment Group is currently in the jurisdiction of SoftBank Group Corp., Briger will maintain his position as the team leader. Additionally, Peter serves as a board member of the Princeton University Investment Company. He is a great philanthropic, which is evident in his support of the Central Park Conversancy and a network school that focuses on needy children from low-income backgrounds.

Fortress Investment Group Acquired by Softbank

There are a number of businesses that are looking to expand and increase their value. One of the most common ways to do this is to get involved in a merger and acquisition. Many companies look to complete mergers in order to further their overall expansion to other markets in the world. In most cases, mergers and acquisitions make sense to many people who are involved. One of the most recent acquisitions in the business world has been the one where Softbank bought Fortress Investment Group. The company bought this investment firm for a sum of over $3 billion. With this acquisition, Softbank will be able to add to its impressive list of holdings. At the same time, Fortress Investment Group will be able to have more capital to help maintain its status as a leading investment management firm.

Both Softbank and Fortress Investment Group have a lot in common. They have the desire to always expand and adapt to changes in their industry. For instance, Softbank was originally a personal computer wholesaler and then grew to a large company that offered a wide range of technology services. It is now looking to get involved in the financial services industry. Fortress Investment Group is a company that specializes in providing asset management to investors. It has looked to further expand its presence as well as increase its client base. With this recent merger deal, both parties will be in better position to achieve their respective goals.

Fortress Investment Group was founded at the end of the 1990’s decade. The firm was started up by the acting CEO Randal Nardone and the Chairman Wesley Edens. Both individuals had a vision to build up a leading alternative asset management firm. Today the firm offers comprehensive management and advisors services to institutional investors. It helps its clients acquire and earn good returns on things such as private equity, hedge funds and real estate. Over the course of the last two decades, the firm has experienced steady growth and looks to continue this trend. With the help of Softbank, the firm will be in position to achieve its future goals.