Month: April 2017

Browsing Through The Online Mall To Find Fabletics

The internet can be a lot like a mall sometimes. For one thing, the whole world is right behind the computer screen. In some cases, it is right in the palm of a person’s hands. Therefore, they can not only look at all of the different clothing stores that are available online but also learn about the different facts behind the stores. One thing about the internet is that it exposes information about almost every store which gives customers a better idea as to whether or not they want to do business with the company that sells clothes or other products.


One company that has a lot of information released about it is Fabletics. This is the star child of the TechStyle family. This company has used technology and fashion in order to bring about a change in fashion. Fabletics has taken a look at the activewear category and made some adjustments in the category in order to bring more attention to athleisure. This type of style takes the traditional clothing styles of activewear and mixes it up with different styles of clothing. This results in more variety in clothing for athletes. Even men get to experience more of a sense of adventure with the outfits that are offered by the brand.


Customers will find that the uniqueness does not stop with the products. They are also going to find that the website offers a lifestyle quiz for people who decide to register an account. Fabletics takes the membership seriously and expects each member to take it seriously because they are paying for the membership.


The approach of Fabletics is a lot different to the approach of online retailers. For one thing, Fabletics is a lot similar to club stores such as Costco. They have their customers sign up for memberships so that they can take advantage of the savings they could get from the items that are for sale. Then the customers get a free outfit each month as a bonus for their loyalty. This encourages customers to keep up with their shopping at TechStyle brands for their styling needs.

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