Month: October 2017

Igor Cornelsen Offers Banking Tips Through Experience

Brazil has been known for its leading position in privatization. The country has a remarkable experience when it comes to trade and investment. For some time, there has been a plethora of challenges that the country has faced in finance. Learn more about Igor Cornelsen: and

There has also been a dwindling side of the economy. The harsh economic times saw Brazil banking sector suffering. It was at this point that banks decided to lend loans to only, private clients that had private businesses. Brazil has suffered under the harsh economic times.

Igor Cornelsen offers advice regarding how to survive and evade these times. Igor stated that as a client, you are bare bones and must understand a few basics:

Brazil Is a Key Player

Brazil joins the nine famous rulers of the world’s economy. Brazil is defined as the largest holder of the best economy in North America. It is the eighth largest in the world. This is an impeccable position and it must be defined as a huge achievement. Being in Brazil therefore, means that you have better chances of surviving harsh economic times subjected to banks.

New Face Symbolizes Growth

The introduction of new management equals a new face that translates to growth. Igor Cornelsen is hopeful that the new face will inject new policies to govern the economy. He believes that the new systems will manage the banking institutions by providing bigger, better, investment deals.

China Is Doing Well

Igor urges Brazilians to be keen on the moves made by China. These moves are economical and beneficial to China in every, single, way. China has been on the lead front of initiating partnerships. The state takes advantage of every situation that poses as a challenge. Igor advises citizens to focus on partnerships and investment deals.

Personal Profile

Igor Cornelsen has made his name in the sector of banking and finance. He harbors vast experience and has been utilizing the experience in offering advice. Regarding Brazil and its future in investment, he says that people must focus on putting money is safe investment schemes. Igor hopes that the new administration will bring new ideas on the table.


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How Securus Technologies Is Aiding In Crime Prevention

There are very few companies that are providing communication solutions to the incarceration facilities and still managing to make the world a safer place for all. Securus Technologies is one of them.


The company has been able to build a reputation for itself. This is due to the effort of each of its employees. In fact, safety has become a part of the DNA of each employee of Securus Technologies. They claim that every week, a new product is launched, or a new modification or addition is made to its existing products.


I am well aware that this is the result of the feedback which they receive from their customers, who are primarily the jail and prison officials. This indicates how seriously they consider the needs and requirements of their customers and strive to provide them the same accordingly.


In addition, this is the only company that I have come across that provides free access to its customers to visit their center and see the new products and understand their working accordingly. In fact, both current, as well as prospective customers are welcome there.


Securus Technologies is well aware that unless the customers are aware of the products as well as their salient features, they cannot use the products properly and get optimum benefits out of them. I have come across emails and formal letters in which jail authorities have asked Securus Technologies about their covert features. This has helped them in their ongoing investigations of various cases.


In addition, these products have helped the jail authorities in identifying the corrupt jail officials. These devices help in nabbing such culprits red-handed. Many times, search warrants are issued against them due to these products provided by Securus Technologies. In this way, the facilities have become a safer place for all.


Vincent Parascandola Works Hard To Help People Build A Better Financial Future

Vincent Parascandola is the Senior Executive Vice President of AXA Advisors in New York who mainly works with High Net Worth Individuals as well as other individuals who are looking for his services. Vincent Parascandola is from Brooklyn New York and attended and graduated from Xaverian High School. He went on to attend Pace University in New York and eventually earned his Bachelor of Science degree there. As an alumnus of Pace University, he was asked to give the commencement speech in 2014 to the class that was graduating. He was more than happy to do so and leaned on his experience as a public speaker to give an inspiring speech to the class.

Vincent Parascandola’s Facebook page is simple and lists off the fact that he works with AXA Advisors. His Linkedin page has much more information about the man, and lists off a lot of his previous experience as well as his educational accolades. He was nice enough to go out of his way to personally congratulate someone through his Linkedin page because of an award they received, but that’s just the kind of person Vincent is. In the past, Vincent has been given several awards that recognize his leadership abilities, and among these were the Master Agency and GAMA’s Career Development awards. Visit pocomuseum for more info

Vincent Parascandola’s first job was as a Systems Analyst for the Irving Trust Company, and after that he moved on to work with Prudential Insurance as an agent. During his first year with Prudential he was given the title, “National Rookie of the Year,” which he earned through his own work ethic and dedication to learning his craft. After Prudential, Vincent worked for the MONY Group as a Financial professional, Sales Manager, Managing Director, and eventually the Executive Vice President. Vincent stayed on with the group until 2004 when he left to join forces with AXA Advisors. Before he became the Senior Executive Vice President of AXA, he served as co-manager of the company’s New York Metro branch and as president of The Advantage Group. Today, Vince looks to continue to help people improve their finances with over 25 years of experience in his industry. Look for his Vimeo for more.