Month: January 2018

Betsy DeVos: From Michigan to Washington D.C — Change is Coming.

When Donald Trump blazed the campaign trails in 2016 he had one refrain that every follower could remember: Drain the Swamp! The refrain became reality when President Trump took office and immediately began doing away with decades-long institutions, opting instead to propose selections for key government positions that he connected with on a ‘gut’ basis. Among those selections was Betsy DeVos for the role of Secretary of Education. DeVos was a well-known member of the Michigan Republican Party and one of the most devout believers in the idea of private school choice. DeVos has become a champion for the works of Milton Friedman and Donald Trump has given her a chance to make that faith a reality. DeVos is an outsider through-and-through in Washington but people will quickly catch on that she is not someone to be trifled with. Learn more:


When Betsy DeVos took the floor for her confirmation hearing, things couldn’t have gone much worse. DeVos appeared to be disorganized and ill-prepared. However, DeVos managed to make it through her confirmation hearing and that’s a good thing because those few moments on television don’t define her at all. In fact, DeVos laughs at her confirmation hearing now and she laughs even more when she is underestimated in important meetings. Mike Cox, a former state AG, says of DeVos, that she was a figure to be feared by most insiders in the Michigan political machine. Cox went on to admit that he admired the way that she pursued her goals with a steely resolve.


While Betsy DeVos has spent the majority of her political career in a smaller pond, it appears that she’s brought all of her skills to the forefront and to scale. Randi Weingarten of the American Federation of Teachers warns that DeVos is more than just a reasonably plain-spoken individual — she is someone that you have to watch out for.


From Holland, MI, Betsy DeVos grew up in a small Dutch community where she became intimately familiar with Christian and conservative causes. She honed her political ideals at Calvin College while her brother Erik Prince rose to fame as the CEO of Blackwater — an armed contractor for work in Iraq and Afghanistan. Her husband, Dick DeVos, comes from the family that founded Amway and he is a prior nominee for governor in Michigan. It is clear that DeVos has pedigree on her side, now she just has to make it all a reality.