Month: April 2018

Lime Crime’s Unicorn Queen Doe Deere Talks Openly

Russian born Unicorn Queen, Doe Deere is the ever popular CEO and founder of the cosmetic company Lime Crime. Doe grew up in New York City and started out in the world of fashion design. She was a highly successful woman business owner in a time when women didn’t always make it far in business. In 2008 and the early stages of the internet, Doe took her cosmetic company online and took her place in the female owned business category of successful entrepreneurs.


Doe and her husband are now working their operations from Los Angeles, CA and she has done her best to make sure that the company is living up to the expectations of the Vegan community. Lime Crime is a company who makes the cosmetics that Vegans can wear and be proud of. You can find eye shadows, pigments that are loose and fun to wear and a pocket full of rainbow colored products that include liners, nail polishes and lip glosses as well as liquid liners.


The reason Doe Deere started the cosmetic business was because she was designing clothes and she wanted makeup to enhance what she was doing. She wanted brighter and bolder colors. Doe tried to find these makeup colors on the market but, all the colors available were bland an boring. As a result, Doe had to create the colors that she wanted to mix and match with her clothes and as a result, Lime Crime was born. Creating an imaginative and cruelty-free makeup that was brand able and easy to distribute took some time and talent, but, Doe knew it would be well worth it.


Doe started the whole Lime Crime company with a large dream and a show string pocket book. Doe had around a hundred dollars that she could spare to start her cosmetic launch. She used her experience in the world of fashion and business and created the company from the ground up. Once Doe got into makeup development, she never looked back. Her passion for makeup and artful color shined so bright that people started to notice. Doe knew at that time in her life that she had found her passion and created a great way to make income.


She started to blog and listen to the feedback that people gave her. She adjusted her product line to accommodate requests and she started selling more and more product. Soon Doe knew for sure that she was on to the right business model. She wanted to make sure that everything Lime Crime created catered to Vegans too and that idea still holds true today because the whole line of cosmetics is Vegan friendly. Doe still wanted the line to be fun and hold up to everyday wear. She looked hard and long to find the correct partners on the laboratory end of things. It helped to create the perfect conditions and uphold that Vegan commitment. Doe often talks to university students and future business leaders and encourages them to listen to their heart and create their dream life. Doe tells everyone that the heart always knows and she’s right, because thats how Lime Crime was born.


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You can Trust the Fortress Investment Group

By the end of last year the Fortress Investment Group had become one of the most dominating hedge fund management firms around the world. They are managing over $43.6 billion from over 1750 different institutions. Their clientele range anywhere between commercial to business to private trade their success rate in helping businesses gain profit margins and market share is out of this world. They are respected by all as a strong institution and were recently acquired by another business group for several billion dollars.The Fortress Investment Group became successfully by developing five core competencies which allow their business to remain standing strong. The first core competency is standing on the ability to do asset-based work. Asset-based work operates on the idea that you get a direct payment for the money you invest. Good examples of this are flipping goods, arbitrage, real estate both commercial and residential, and bonds.

They are experts when it comes to pricing these things and managing them against the risk provided.The Fortress Investment Group has diversified its portfolio in this area in order to keep the money strong and safe. They have a vice president that overlooks each of these four categories and manages the money appropriately treated the first category holds $6.5 billion and specializes in the area of private equity firms. The second category holds $7.8 billion and operates the permanent capital vehicles. The third category holds $9 billion in charge of managing the credit hedge funds. The last group, which is by far the largest, holds $15.1 billion and is in charge of credit private equity.The second core competency that has made the Fortress Investment Group strong is that they have industry knowledge that is second to none. They hire workers based on how broad and how to keep their knowledge is of a specific sector and then asks them to operate in that industry.

They have employed 1500 different analysts. Each of these analysts carries a postdoctoral degree which allows them to make decisions in these areas that no one else can make. They undergo additional education when they come to the Fortress Investment Group and are expected to continue growing.This need to continuously grow has made the third core competency available. The Fortress Investment Group is also capable of analyzing the most tight net complicated investment issues. By using their specialist team and their executive vice presidents their able to decide the investment versus the risk with a precision that would make a mathematical genius drool.The Fortress Investment Group has also carved a very unique spot out for themselves by consulting with various corporations and businesses as they look to merge and acquire other entities.The last core competency is the Fortress Investment Group is capable of operating with the little guy. They take small business investments and place them low risk areas so that the money does accrue interest in gain profit while remaining safe at the exact same time. This secures the small business.


Louis Chenevert was born in 1958 in Quebec. He is a Canadian businessman who has made achievements in every organization he has served. Presently, he is retired and spends the entire time in Goldman Sachs as an advisor. Louis follows his interests and also spends time with his family. He started his journey by getting a degree in production management from HEC Montreal. Working in General Motors was fruitful, and he raised his career level rapidly to become the production manager. Later, he became the general production manager where he served the role of supervising extensive production.

In 1993 Chenevert left GM and joined Canadian branch and work for the Pratt and Whitney. Before Louis becoming a member of the company, the economy wasn’t doing well, but due to Chenevert experience, accuracy and comprehension, he restored the financial development of the company. Within six years Chenevert was appointed as the president of the company after the market share started to increase in the aerospace industry.

Pratt and Whitney are supplemental for United Technologies Corporation (UTC) which served both civilian and military economies, leading to a broad diversity of products which include elevators, security systems, and aircraft engine.

In 2006 he was chosen to be the chairman of UTC and later April 2008 he became the chief executive officer. At that time UTC had a low economy, and Chenevert decided to shift production into the US. UTC provided workers and engineers with an offer to switch to the central location, and Connecticut State became their home. UTC was capable of expanding the economy stock price.

His prominent acquisition includes the purchase of Goodrich Corporation. Goodrich had become the top manufacturer of rubber all over the world, and Louis main aim was to make sure UTC had purchased Goodrich. A deal that aided in minimizing the internal expense of production and increased the substantial share of the firm market.

Chenevert publicized his retirement in 2014, and this was an astonishment to many people because at that moment UTC was doing immensely fantastic due to his diligent work. But it should be noted that he needed adequate time to chase his excitements. He has designed and build three different leading yachts.