Month: February 2019

Igor Cornelsen’s Long Career In Finance

This Investment guru is a Brazilian by nationality who currently resides in the United States of America, specifically in Florida. Mr. Cornelsen was born in Curitiba in 1947. He was admitted to the University of Parana to study engineering. After two years in engineering, Igor decided to change his career choice and major on economics instead.

His career journey

Igor Cornelsen was first employed as an investment banker at Multibanco following his graduation from university. His advancement to the top was quick, as he had managed to secure a place in the board of directors and to eventually become the Chief Executive Officer on this particular institution in only two years. This achievement was however short-lived when the Bank of America bought Multibanco which necessitated Igor to move to Unibanco.

Mr. Cornelsen eventually left Unibanco and worked at several other banking institutions including Libra Bank and this contributed to the acquisition of all the experience he has in the investment sector. It is all this experience he had acquired that drove him to start his own company, Bainbridge Investment Inc. where he entirely devotes to finding the best strategies in investment for his clients.

Among his investment strategies are long-term investments and also the acquisition of what is called ‘damaged’ stock. In the matter of long-term investment, Igor doesn’t look for fast money. Instead, he is for the idea of earning profits throughout retirement, and this is why his strategies are unsuitable for any person interested in immediate results.

Mr. Cornelsen advises persons to go for damaged stocks mainly because they are affordable and once stability has been realized, then the returns turn into substantial investments. His unique skills in the early prediction of market trends are attributed to the experience he has gathered while working for financial institutions throughout the years. These skills are also his advantage against his competitors in the investment world as he is always a step ahead because of them.

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Why Oren Frank Needs a Chief Medical Officer

Oren Frank is a successful entrepreneur who is based in the United States. For many years, the businessman has been keen on helping the community understand that mental health issues are normal, and that they should be addressed just like all other diseases. Many companies in the global market have been losing their employees to mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety. Oren Frank, a man who is very passionate about serving the community, came to offer help to the society when he founded Talkspace. The company is now one of the leaders in the market when it comes to provision of therapy online. The organization has the best professionals who are very experienced, and they are patient with the customers who ask for therapy online. Oren Frank has been serving in the position of chief executive officer, making the most crucial decisions in the respected company. Talkspace has clients from all over the world at the moment. Check out Oren Frank interview on Youtube

Several years after its establishment, Talkspace has changed the lives of many mental patients. The company has been partnering with employers from different regions of the world. The employers pay for the online therapy so that the workers can get help whenever they need without physically visiting a medical facility. All the professionals offering therapy to the clients are experienced and hence many people have changed their lives, and they are now living happily.

Oren Frank took the initiative of introducing a new role in Talkspace so that the patients can have a better experience. Oren Frank has announced that they will be introducing a chief medical officer to help in delivering high quality services. The candidate who has been offered the position is experienced, and he has all the right tools to handle the high number of patients who seek online therapy from Talkspace.



PSI-Pay Offers Innovative Payment Methods

The company is registered and operates under the guidelines of FCA. It has helped many firms in different parts of the world to streamline payment methods. Over the years, PSI has focused on developing several products for their clients which include debit and pre-paid cards. The firm has made it possible for its customers to make their financial transactions in 173 nations where 44 currencies are used. Some people are still confused about how digital wallets operate. Digital wallets have several similar features as the traditional accounts.


However, they are more convenient as they allow you to have your cash and other financial instruments in one place. The digital wallets ensure more security for your funds as you do not need to carry all your cards to perform a transaction.


The digital wallets are designed differently in different parts of the world depending on the varying customer needs. In Europe, the technology has gained prominence and most of the users use the digital wallets that have cash balances. The clients find them more convenient as they can hold several currencies that the users prefer. Once the customers have linked debit cards to their digital wallets, they can easily make withdrawals from ATMs.


In cases of disputes during payments, the wallet providers are involved in settling them. One of the main methods that most European users use to deposit funds into their digital wallets is the use of the traditional accounts. After the introduction of cryptocurrency in Europe, the traders embraced the digital wallets to enable them to use the funds in various shops and retail stores.


Some people have considered abandoning the traditional bank accounts, but it’s worth noting that they do not provide all the features of the conventional platform. After the introduction of the digital wallets, some companies closed some of their accounts and conduct their financial transactions through the technology. Over the years, different retailers and service providers have embraced mobile payment technology to facilitate the use of digital wallets. Some of the experts have urged different users to be cautious when transacting when they have large amounts of balances.


In European countries, there have been some legislative changes that are aimed at streamlining the use of digital wallets. For example, mobile wallets are now included in deposit insurance programs. The service providers are also required by the law to keep funds in secure bank accounts. Unlike in the traditional financial institutions, one cannot earn interest by saving their money in an online wallet.