Betsy DeVos: A Political Fighter With A Polite Attitude

There is no doubt that Betsy DeVos is a political fighter of the type that rarely comes around. She has made incredible progress on the goals that she cares about. At the same time, she is the kind of person that you might like to sit down and have a coffee with. She makes you feel warm and at home when it comes to being on a one-on-one basis, but you don’t want to stand in her way if she is attempting to solve some kind of political issue. Disagree with her view at your own peril.


Betsy DeVos has always had a way of attracting controversy. Even when she was nominated to be the Secretary of Education in the Trump Administration, she only won that nomination battle when Vice-President Pence cast the deciding and tie-breaking vote in the Senate to push through her nomination. That was something that caused a lot of controversy and drama in the Trump Administration’s earliest days.


Even though DeVos has been someone who has courted drama just by being herself, you have to admit that she is able to get a lot of things done. It has been pretty amazing to watch as she has continued to lobby for the creation of more and more charter schools as an alternative to the public school system that she honestly believes is a failure for our children. She has long held this view, and now she has the power to do something about it.


A big difference between DeVos and the President is that she does not like to have the spotlight on herself. As a matter of fact, she works a lot better when all eyes are not on her. She tends to get more done that way, and that translates to big accomplishments in general.


The same people who know all of this and who oppose DeVos based on differences of opinion about what is best for the education of children also admit that she has a certain way about her that is just charming and makes you know that she really believes in the things that she fights for. She is not heartless or cold, but rather someone who has at times come up with ways to make her ideas and the ideas of the Administration more compassionate.


You can say for sure that DeVos is a role-model when it comes to creating the kind of educational system that we would all like to see in this country. You may not agree with her exact views or ways of going about things, but we all have to be happy to see someone putting their whole heart and soul into something like this. It is the easiest way to tell that she really means that things that she says.


Take a look at Betsy DeVos the next time she gives a public speech somewhere and see if you can pick out the kind of person that she really is. It might just be hidden up in there.


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