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The Brains For The Job: Anthony Constantinou


Anthony Constantinou is a very smart man and has worked in many different areas of artificial intelligence. He is currently the head of Bayesianb Research Lab in England. He is a man who is constantly looking to improve the way that artificial intelligence works and how to make it better for everyone.

A few things that have happened for Anthony Constantinou are all very good things. One of the things that have happened is that there is a position for a Ph.D. student at the facility. He invites all students of all nationalities to apply for the position if they wish. The project deals with structure learning and will be tailored to the candidate’s strengths. The project involves using graphical models to show relationships between data and the areas of interest for the potential candidate whether it be economics or the world of finance. The project can begin at the candidates liking but no later than October 2018. A project like this helps Anthony Constantinou give back to the next generation of pioneers in the world of artificial intelligence.

Anthony Constantinou has also published and received acclaim for his work in the field of artificial intelligence. One of the more recent articles involves a model that he called Delores. It was entered in an international competition called Machine Learning for Soccer. The great news for him was that the model placed second overall in the competition. He was also appointed to become a Turing Fellow in August of this year.

Anthony Constantinou is a man who pushes the boundaries of artificial intelligence and the applications of it for future generations. These projects are one way to make the world of artificial intelligence for others. He will keep working to make it happen. Anthony Constantinou wouldn’t have it any other way. Visit His Profile on Linkedin.