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Information On Equity First Holding, LLC

This article is an overview of Equity First Holdings, LLC.

Equity First is a company that provides lending services to businesses as well as private individuals. The company gives out loans based on what they think the risks involved would be to each particular client as well as any future returns that the loan may accrue.

The company began in 2002 in Indianapolis and has since also opened up in a satellite office in New York.

The Primary Executives for the company include President Al Christy Jr., Managing Director Jeff Smith, Director Of Operations Julie LaPoint, Head Trader Joe McCarthy and Chief Risk Officer Simon Moore.

About Equity First Holding:

Jose Auriemo Neto of JHSF Ventures in Property Development

Diversifying your brand through new ventures, acquisitions in addition to mergers is a good strategy for growing your business. Instead of relying on the core business alone to make money, a diversified brand is flexible enough to offer more options when it comes to different economic changes. At the same time, diversification can vastly increase management costs as well as a bureaucracy to the point of making the portfolio unsuccessful. Your objective should be generating higher profits. As Jose Auriemo Neto illustrates in his career, portfolio diversification leads to the growth and development of a brand. At 27 years old, Jose Auriemo Neto delved into the leadership docket of JHSF.

Being the firstborn son of Fabio Auriemo who was a co-founder of the company, he threw in his leadership skills into the firm thereby enabling it to succeed. He worked hard to ensure that the management takes up useful policies that developed its portfolio. Jose Auriemo Neto has over the years learned to diversify the company’s portfolio by cheerleading projects such as creating the Parkbem parking lot at the age of 17. The project would then cultivate significant interest in his managerial roles. The ability to deliver impeccable results has been his strength when it comes to leading JHSF. Today, Jose Auriemo Neto is the man behind the development of shopping malls such as Cidade Jardim Shopping Complex and Metro Santa Cruz. The company would then give JHSF some space to focus on the luxury market thereby exceeding its expectations.

JHSF is prominent for being Brazil’s leading real estate property developer. It has been a significant controller of the development of various properties including the management of domestic in addition to commercial rental property, construction, besides improvement of high-end commercial premises and restaurants among others. JHSF has also been serving Brazil’s real estate property market for more than three decades. The company has a wealth of vast experience in delivering the right products to its clients. Currently, the management understands that the country faces a shortage of house. To handle the problem, the company has been partnering with firms that are venturing into property development. Partners With Hello Kitty, or as known by many as Jingdong Mall is the world’s biggest retailer, is making it a very merry Christmas for millions of people in China. has partnered with Sanrio to make the beloved Hello Kitty franchise available in China in time for the holidays. Jingdong will be using the Hello Kitty merchandise in conjunction with many of the products it already sells. From electronics to food, the Hello Kitty characters and logo will appear on many of’s products starting from December 22nd.

Jingdong will also be releasing special gift boxes for the holidays. These gift boxes will have the characters dressed in outfits especially for the festive period. is not limiting the promotion to its online empire. They will also be offering a range of products and a special photo booth at Beijing’s Wangfujing APM shopping mall. People will be able to take photos with the Hello Kitty characters.

It will operate in conjunction with’s online buying options. It is all part of’s commitment to keep brick and mortar stores in business. While has such a large market share, it would be possible for them to put traditional stores out of business, but they are determined to allow shoppers to access their products in a variety of ways. See This Article to learn more. plans on adding more characters as they move forward, and they will offer more beloved characters to the Chinese. It is not the first time the company has been associated with famous characters from popular culture. Earlier this year they partnered with Justice League characters. Their aim is to bring all of these toys and merchandise to the 300 million Chinese who want access to their favorite cartoons and movies launched the promotion with a video in which the Hello Kitty characters wished everyone a merry Christmas. It was the first step in allowing the Chinese access to some of their favorite characters.


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Neurocore is a research group that for years have been researching the brain of those with mental disorders compared to those without. Over the years the research has presented that there is a difference in the function of the brain that can be seen on brain scans. Because of this the group went to research if there was a way to truly correct it as they believed that the current medication often did not correct it the way it should. The other question was if it could be done without giving the patient toxic medication. So the group naturally found brain training as it had been proven already to improve focus and prevent some mental disorders that are degenerative. Read more about Neurocore at

So the group found all the brain training exercises they could and even developed some of their own. From there they started to experiment and found patients that were willing to give it a try. Through years they were able to find the right regime depending on the disorder that they were trying to treat. Through the patient’s feedback and actual brain scans the group was able to tell that it was working.


Of course it wasn’t a cure all the process took time and effort on everyone’s part and it is something that many of the patients had to keep up in order for it to truly work out for them in the long term. The good thing is that after so long the patient can do it on their own so that they don’t have to be seen in the clinic all the time. The Neurocore group moved to opening a clinic for patients to come in where they do have to pay out of pocket right now but the group is working very hard for that to be something they can change in the future. Right now the group is working with insurance companies so that one day insurance will cover the treatment and they are working on opening more clinics around the country to meet the demand of patients that want to be treated by the group hoping that they can limit the medication they are on and have a normal life again. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Alex Hern and Fortune

Most people will never catch Alex Hern doing more than he can manage at once. That just isn’t the co-founder’s style. He’s a careful entrepreneur who likes to make planning his number one priority on the job. Tsunami XR’s head honcho knows precisely what he’s doing. He’s a technology authority who isn’t intimidated by newness. He’s a life science authority who isn’t apprehensive at all by researching related firms that run the gamut. Intense work is something that makes him feel alive daily. It’s something that helps him confirm that he’s doing things his way.

Alex Hern craves the rare stillness of the night. It doesn’t matter what kind of day he’s having. He considers the evening to be a soothing sanctuary. Although he classifies the night as being a peaceful period, it’s not a time for unwinding for him at all. Alex Hern accomplishes a lot while other people are catching up on rest. Alex Hern designates the nighttime for devising concepts that function well for him and for his current businesses.

Hern thinks that there are many individuals who have thoughts about his field that, simply put, are totally incorrect. Some people think that all of the people who enter his field do well. Hern states that that’s completely untrue. He indicates that managing startup organizations is a tough job for anyone. He also indicates that there aren’t many individuals who actually have the ability to do it correctly. It’s taxing to put powerful staffs together. It’s demanding to remain organized as well. Hern states that organization is vital. He also acknowledges that fortune is of the essence for many. He urges all people to maintain exemplary attention spans in order to steer clear of the possibilities of neglecting to spot openings that may be out there for them.

Serial Entrepreneur Dr. Mark McKenna Opens OvMe

Dr. Mark McKenna has always seen himself as an entrepreneur, and accordingly, he has always been in business for himself. He says he has trouble envisioning himself as an employee, according to an article on the Technology News Extra website[1].

Of course, there were temporary jobs when he went to medical school on his way to becoming a surgeon. On one of those jobs — examining prisoners at a nearby prison — he saved up enough money to make his first real estate investment. McKenna continued to invest in real estate with success. He created a real estate business and subsequently acquired a title company and a real estate lending company. With all the building blocks in place, he started his own turnkey development company.

Dr. Mark McKenna credits his parents for his lifelong bent for entrepreneurship. His father was a self-employed surgeon. His mother owned a publishing firm. Their example became his model for life.

But it wasn’t long before disaster paid Dr. Mark McKenna and the citizens of New Orleans a visit in the form of Hurricane Katrina. The hurricane devastated his business with the same efficiency that it destroyed New Orleans. McKenna didn’t quit, nor did he lose his resolve. He rebuilt his business by helping to rebuild New Orleans.

Dr. Mark McKenna escaped the next disaster — the financial and housing crisis of 2008 — with his funds intact. He’d sensed a change in the economic climate and cashed out.

Dr. Mark McKenna next created ShapeMed, a boutique medical firm. It was quite successful, and he was sold it to Lifetime Fitness, as they wanted to add it to their stable of fitness enterprises.

The next venture Dr. Mark McKenna founded was OvMe, pronounced Of Me. It’s an aesthetic company. Its business proposition is to connect those who wish to improve their appearance with competent, reputable medical practitioners. Their primary offering is a direct to consumer app that McKenna says is unlike anything yet seen in the medical field. OvMe opened their first store in the Atlanta suburb of Buckhead in late spring of 2018.

Fortress Investment Group Acquired by Softbank

There are a number of businesses that are looking to expand and increase their value. One of the most common ways to do this is to get involved in a merger and acquisition. Many companies look to complete mergers in order to further their overall expansion to other markets in the world. In most cases, mergers and acquisitions make sense to many people who are involved. One of the most recent acquisitions in the business world has been the one where Softbank bought Fortress Investment Group. The company bought this investment firm for a sum of over $3 billion. With this acquisition, Softbank will be able to add to its impressive list of holdings. At the same time, Fortress Investment Group will be able to have more capital to help maintain its status as a leading investment management firm.

Both Softbank and Fortress Investment Group have a lot in common. They have the desire to always expand and adapt to changes in their industry. For instance, Softbank was originally a personal computer wholesaler and then grew to a large company that offered a wide range of technology services. It is now looking to get involved in the financial services industry. Fortress Investment Group is a company that specializes in providing asset management to investors. It has looked to further expand its presence as well as increase its client base. With this recent merger deal, both parties will be in better position to achieve their respective goals.

Fortress Investment Group was founded at the end of the 1990’s decade. The firm was started up by the acting CEO Randal Nardone and the Chairman Wesley Edens. Both individuals had a vision to build up a leading alternative asset management firm. Today the firm offers comprehensive management and advisors services to institutional investors. It helps its clients acquire and earn good returns on things such as private equity, hedge funds and real estate. Over the course of the last two decades, the firm has experienced steady growth and looks to continue this trend. With the help of Softbank, the firm will be in position to achieve its future goals.

Brightline’s expansion into Miami signals Wes Edens new strategy in the Transport industry

The Miami and Fort Lauderdale route is a relatively busy route by all standards. Commuters will typically take 45 minutes to and fro, but at rush hour or in case of an accident, it takes up to an hour for the same journey. This route recently got some relief when Brightline introduced a high-speed commuter train. The train will take between 30 and 35 minutes either way. For all these convenience commuters will only have to part with ten dollars for a one-way ticket. This ticket accords them all that comes with the train, including leather seats, free WIFI, charging ports and food service. This is a big saving given that for the same ride an Uber would charge you 40 dollars and probably get stuck in traffic for hours on end. The train will have a top speed of 80 mph and this Brightline believes is sufficient.

Brightline which falls under the transport and infrastructure division of the Fortress Investment Group, a company co-founded by Wes Edens is now looking to expand to West Palm Beach.

The train designed by an American company Rockwell Group is one of the reasons Wes Edens believes that they are fully capable of meeting the needs of clients. The reason Fortress opted to build in America boils down to the understanding of their local clientele, this they believe would help passengers have a better experience and at the end of the day continue to use the train.

The Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998, over the years, it has grown into a 41 billion asset management company that has diverse investments in almost all areas of the economy. Wes Edens and his partners have overseen this growth and today the company employees more than 915 professionals brought from all over. The group has been an investor in the transport industry, and it is thus no surprise that Brightline was able to capture the imagination of Miami commuters the way they did. Wes Edens during the launch hinted that they might be expanding their service out of state but remained cagey about the exact detail. Thus, keep an eye out for any new developments.

Guilherme Paulus is One of the Largest Businessmen in the Tourism Industry

Businessman Guilherme Paulus is the founding of CVC. CVC is a publicly held operator and travel agency made up of a team of marketing executives. Paulus has played a crucial role in the company since its birth in 1972. At the time the businessman was an unproven entrepreneur with basically no experience. Back then CVC was just a small local travel agency based in Sao Paulo. Now, nearly half a century later it is considered the largest travel operator in Latin america. Not to mention, it is also Brazil’s largest retail tourism network. The success of CVC acts as a shining example of Guilherme Paulus’ outstanding business acumen.

Guilherme Paulus has built a very reputable reputation for himself in the tourism industry. He has spent the majority of his life working in the industry and possesses a degree in Business Administration. His innovation as a leader is a key reason CVC evolved into the corporate entity it is. His unique approach to running the company broke the mold of traditional travel packages. Because of his innovation and approach CVC has the widest portfolio of products on the market currently. Visit to find out more.

Feeling as though the company had become stagnant Guilherme Paulus decided that in order for the company to continue to grow it needed the support of a global investment fund. It 2009 CVC was sold to the Carlyle Group. The decision has proved to be a very lucrative one. Just 4 years later it was announced that CVC had revenues of over $5 billion annually.

Guilherme Paulus has been the recipient of many accolades throughout his career. He has been honored by the French Government as well as other international governments. He has been one of the prominent figures in promoting tourism in France. He has served on the National Tourism Council for well over a decade. Visit:


Shervin Pishevar: Tweets On The Bleak Economy To Come

Shervin Pishevar set about on a Twitter rampage in early 2018. Pishevar is known for his investments in Slack, Dollar Shave Club, Warby Parker, and Uber. He recently resigned from Sherpa Capital.

In one of the tweets, he went on to discuss why he believes the stock market will fall an aggregate of 6,000 points in the months ahead. His belief is the economy will take a downturn before any increases are seen. He states how the gains from 2018 have already been evaporated, and soon, the 2017 profits will be gone too.

The government bond system has lost control. In the past central banks would buy bonds. It was used as a device to correct the market. This process has become antiquated and no longer valid.

The tweet rampage continues. Tweet number three goes on to inflation. The United States has passed inflation onto the world, thinks Shervin Pishevar. His thoughts might be that the current leaders and administration are shaky on world trade deals.

Some substantial funds will weaken, and funds Pishevar named were Volatility Indices and Managed Future. His tweet feels both significant funds are set up to fall. Some entity is going to collapse.

The subject of the Silicon Valley was touched on. The Valley has lots it glimmer and is no longer the modern day Roman Empire. Basically, the Silicon Valley’s grip on innovative thinkers and new ideas has loosened. That’s not a terrible situation, but one that is a signal that the American economy could slow down. Shervin Pishevar wrote in 2008 about how the entrepreneurs in the USA that were funded by venture capital have now become the way international entrepreneurs operate.

International products are being created and structures built at breakneck speed and without hurdles. A train depot was erected in China in under ten hours. This was one of Shervin Pishevar examples.

Companies like Microsoft, Google, and Amazon are labeled unicorns by Pishevar. In his discussions, these powerful corporations gobble up new and fresh companies, but he believes that style of business will soon crumble the networks and break the system. Shervin Pishevar tweets represent how he may think a watchdog needs to keep an eye on the unicorns instead of letting them roam free.