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Working At Sussex Health Care

Sussex Health Care is an organization that runs a group of care homes and nursing homes in Sussex. Their services are aimed at helping the elderly and adults with physical or learning disabilities to interact better with their environment. Since their goal is to give their clients that home feel, each of their location is carefully chosen.

The homes are built in serene environment that achieves that peaceful, homely feel. In addition to the beautiful locations Sussex has, the care givers at their institutions are gentle and kind with the people they care for.

Apart from giving their clients the best services, Sussex is known to give their employees the best as well. For years, it has been known as the best place for an employee to grow their career. As an organization, Sussex Health Care’s growth is rapid. As a result, there are limitless opportunities for its employees to grow from one level to the next. They also have an in- house training for their employees which not only equips them for service in the positions they are holding at the moment, it helps them get ready for the next level. Because of their rapid expansion and the in- house training they give their employees, Sussex Health Care has been able to achieve its goal to help its employees grow in their careers.


To ensure that their clients get the best services, they complement their employees’ skilled services with the best equipment in the market. Since they offer therapies that help care for people with different disabilities, they ensure that their employees are able to give their best by providing them with top notch equipment. This not only helps them give world class services but also exposes the employee to the latest equipment in the market. This contributes a great deal to growing the employee’s skill set. Other than the opportunity to interact with some of the best equipment in the industry, the employees have many other benefits. For instance, they get free lunch on a daily basis, scholarships, rides to work and work uniforms.

Recently, Sussex Health Care brought on board the Amanda Morgan-Taylor as their CEO. Her work experience put in consideration, leadership skills will definitely see the organization move huge steps forward. For the employee, this means growth in terms of experience. Every leader has a different way of doing thing; Amanda’s Style of leadership will definitely see the Sussex staff approach their work differently.

Sussex Health Care is now hiring several positions, for more information, visit the career section of their website at