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Serial Entrepreneur Dr. Mark McKenna Opens OvMe

Dr. Mark McKenna has always seen himself as an entrepreneur, and accordingly, he has always been in business for himself. He says he has trouble envisioning himself as an employee, according to an article on the Technology News Extra website[1].

Of course, there were temporary jobs when he went to medical school on his way to becoming a surgeon. On one of those jobs — examining prisoners at a nearby prison — he saved up enough money to make his first real estate investment. McKenna continued to invest in real estate with success. He created a real estate business and subsequently acquired a title company and a real estate lending company. With all the building blocks in place, he started his own turnkey development company.

Dr. Mark McKenna credits his parents for his lifelong bent for entrepreneurship. His father was a self-employed surgeon. His mother owned a publishing firm. Their example became his model for life.

But it wasn’t long before disaster paid Dr. Mark McKenna and the citizens of New Orleans a visit in the form of Hurricane Katrina. The hurricane devastated his business with the same efficiency that it destroyed New Orleans. McKenna didn’t quit, nor did he lose his resolve. He rebuilt his business by helping to rebuild New Orleans.

Dr. Mark McKenna escaped the next disaster — the financial and housing crisis of 2008 — with his funds intact. He’d sensed a change in the economic climate and cashed out.

Dr. Mark McKenna next created ShapeMed, a boutique medical firm. It was quite successful, and he was sold it to Lifetime Fitness, as they wanted to add it to their stable of fitness enterprises.

The next venture Dr. Mark McKenna founded was OvMe, pronounced Of Me. It’s an aesthetic company. Its business proposition is to connect those who wish to improve their appearance with competent, reputable medical practitioners. Their primary offering is a direct to consumer app that McKenna says is unlike anything yet seen in the medical field. OvMe opened their first store in the Atlanta suburb of Buckhead in late spring of 2018.

Dr. Saad Saad and The Rich Medical Background Under His Prestigious Name

There are attributes in being a successful doctor that not many physicians are able to possess. These traits may be a defining set of factors for these doctors’ longevity. These are the attributes that seem to dictate how much success that these physicians are able to achieve in their entire career. In the case with Dr. Saad Saad, it is his success as a Pediatric Surgeon in New Jersey that has made a name out of him. But the attributes that have made this success possible are the ones being described in the article found in Blogwebpedia.



It is also in the feature that people can read about the detailed list of Saad Saad advice that may be useful for the upcoming doctors and healtcare workers in the industry. One of these tips that Dr. Saad Saad shared is the importance of sticking with one’s own definition of success. It’s hard enough to be successful, but what makes this even harder is the fact that one doesn’t get the feeling of fulfillment in doing the job. This is why, according to Dr. Saad Saad, success has to be defined internally and subjectively.



Another tip shared in the article is about how Dr. Saad Saad wants everyone to always go for innovation. He wants every medical student to try to revolutionize the old methods, introduce new solutions and find more answers to pressing issues in the medical industry. Through such endeavor, the medical industry can grow, expand and evolve in ways previously unimaginable.



About Dr. Saad Saad



It’s exciting to know that Dr. Saad Saad has already been an established pediatric surgeon in his entire life. He once worked for a Saudi Arabia royal family as a pediatric surgeon. That was a great opportunity for him, which he immediately received when he got certified by the medical board of the United States.



There’s already a rich history of ventures in the life of Dr. Saad Saad as a physician. One of these ventures would have to be the time when he assisted in the creation of the Surgical Residency Program in a reputable hospital. He’s also instrumental in helping a lot of medical students get medical certification in their degree in Europe.



When he was in Riyadh, Dr. Saad Saad also extended his expertise to improve the operations of King Specialist Hospital. It was there that he performed some of the most complicated surgical programs to patients, especially to kids that had been admitted for a critical aneurysm. Learn more :