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A E-Cigarette Study by Oncotarget

E-cigarettes cause damage to gum tissue. Who knew? Quite possibly Ifran Rahman after a sneaking suspicion that they must have some hidden health effects. Ifran Rahman is a PHD holder and Professor in the field of medicine. A study led by him has in fact found that e-cigs are detrimental to your health. Specifically, they are bad for your gums. The science is quite fascinating and hard to understand, but at the simplest level of explanation it has been found that the burning of vapors through an e-cig causes the release of inflammatory proteins that irritate the gums at a molecular level. Though the damage is hard to see at first, the cumulative damage will definitely add up and users will eventually notice problems with their gums and the possible development of some oral diseases. The first such study of the gums also suggests that flavoring chemicals are playing a detrimental role to the health of gums. As this couples with the vapor effects things only get worse. To add insult to injury the products also contain a highly addictive substance called nicotine that also can lead to oral diseases. Why don’t people just stop using e-cigs you ask? Well, the biggest problem users are facing is that they don’t know they’re facing a problem. Over time the common misconception that e-cigs are healthy has spread as the cultural phenom has gained more and more popularity since first released. People simply do not know that e-cigs are unhealthy and as they continue to ignorantly use them they will reap the consequences of more damage. Check the journal at SCImago Journal & Country Rank.

Thus far the companies producing these products haven’t been forthcoming in telling of all the ingredients used in production. This is something Ifran Rahman hopes will change. In which case he will be able to more effectively study the product and report on ways to better consume.

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