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Does US Money Reserve Only Have US Mint Products?

If you want US Mint gold coins, then the US Money Reserve might be one of the best places to find them. Many confuse the two names, but they are not affiliated. It is true that the present president of the US Money Reserve – Philip N. Diehl – was the 35th US Mint Director; but, now he is working for the private company.


So, some folks know that they can purchase US Mint products from US Money Reserve, but what about other products? Sometimes, you might want to diversify your holdings with a little variety.


“US Mint Specialty”


The primary gold coins found on the new US Money Reserve website are from the US Mint: commemorative Pearl Harbor, American Eagle and Buffalo products. While this is a great selection, there are also some great gold coins from other nations. Foreign coins might offer different sizes and purity levels than the American coins.


Portfolio diversification is advocated by the “Free Gold Information Kit,” you can get on the US Money Reserve website. So, can you diversify with gold coins from other mints, by visiting the US Money Reserve?


The answer is “Yes!”


You can purchase Canadian Maple Leafs, Austrian Philharmonics and South Africa Gold Krugerrand gold coins at US Money Reserve. This gives you a nice variety.


“Perth & Other Mint Products”


You can also purchase gold bars from Perth and other private mints. The Perth Mint is located in Australia; the country has a robust gold mining industry. The Perth products are usually very rare and highly valued in the gold community.


If you want larger gold bars, then the 1 Kilo Gold Bar (32.5 ounces) of .999 pure gold might be best. This is a good way to diversify out of stocks or bonds. A knowledgeable account executive is standing by to assist you with your order. US Money Reserve even tells you how many are in stock.


“Live Chat Help”


You can find the most popular gold coins at the US Money Reserve. You can diversify your portfolio by asset, precious metal or mint.

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