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Securus Evolves its Security Strategies and Seeks to Stop Drones

Securus introduces the drone detection technology and vows to help to stop illegal entry of the devices into correctional institutions in the USA. It will be remembered that not too long ago, Securus embarked on an exercise to rid the country’s prisons of contraband Items such as phones. Owing to the increasing concerns about the illegal deployment of drones to the correctional centers in the USA. Securus, which has been given the mandate to provide unrivaled security to over 3500 government agencies including prisons decided to take steps to stop the risky practice. Securus announced recently that they have completed their testing of the drone detection technologies and that it could be deployed as soon as the systems were approved. Securus takes care of over 12 000 prisons in the US. The company just doesn’t seem to want to go to sleep. It is always pulling out something from its sleeves to keep their security business ahead of the pack. With Drone detection technology added to its rich suck of tricks, prisoners might have to stay longer behind walls.


Securus Honored for their Customer Service Excellence

As the saying goes, one good turn deserves another. Securus Technologies caught the eye of one of the world’s most prestigious awards for excellent customer service or another point of contact between the staffs and the clients. In fact, it was a day of harvesting for the ever-rising Securus. The firm scooped a cool three awards. The ceremony took place at a Las Vegas posh joint called Caesar’s Palace. The company took home the customer service Complaints Team trophy of the year. One of the firm’s staffs also did the company proud because she was noted among the competitors, and awarded the Customer Service Manager of The Year. Ms. Zeperita was the Securus star manager in the customer service department. She scooped the Customer Service Professional of the Year Award and was closely trailed by the video team which took home the Bronze medal for the Frontline customer service of the year. Scooping the Stevie awards was a strong reaffirmation of Securus’ leading role in the Security Service sector and the way they conduct their business. The Stevie awards are probably the most prestigious awards for corporate performance the world over.


Drones Deliver a Mixed Bag of Fortunes

Drones are believed to have been made with good intention. However, soon after, criminally minded individuals figured out that the devices could be used to accomplish missions outside of the law; the crooks swung into action to make sure that they exploited the chance to deliver contraband in jails. According to the news media reports, there have been over 12 illegal attempts to reach into prison facilities using drones. These reports have been corroborated by prisons officials across the nation. Drones have come to be accessible owing to their friendly prices. While the devices were thought to only be accessible by military personnel, over time the devices have become affordable and available to all. Drones offer convenience because they do not want to waste time. The second reason why drones are so popular is that they are accurate, less demanding and cannot lie. Once you have programmed your drone to accomplish a mission, you only need to press the right button and it will execute your pre-programmed command. Drones are reliable and can transport and deliver many small items including phones and other items that jails will ordinarily ban.

Securus Technologies Is Helping Keep Corruption Out Of Prisons

Securus Technologies is no longer a company that only specializes in helping inmates get the newest communication technology inside prisons. Securus Technologies is now in the business of keeping corruption out of prisons. Securus recently created a technology that helps police locate any prison workers who are in frequent contact with people who visit inmates. As a result of this technology, over 5,000 prison workers, from various states, were recently arrested. These workers were planning to sneak contraband into the prison, but the police were there to stop them. All of these individuals had their picture and story placed on the first page of the city newspaper, and Securus made sure of this.


Securus Technologies is committed to creating more products that can be used to stop prison workers from committing crimes. During the year 2018, Securus professionals plan to visit with state officials throughout the United States to put their new technology on display. Securus intends to have a new piece of technology every three weeks. State officials can then judge if the technology would be suitable for their state prisons. Securus hopes that 80% of all state prisons in America will be using their technology by the year 2020.


In addition to meeting with state officials, Securus Technologies wants to hear from the general public regarding the creating of new technology. Whether it be to catch prison workers breaking the law or protecting the public, Securus would love to know the idea people have about what type of technology Securus should create. Securus Technologies can be contacted by email. They have several staff members who are committed to reading emails, so you do not have to worry about your email not getting read. Securus was founded upon suggestions from the public, and they plan to keep this tradition going.


How Securus Technologies Is Aiding In Crime Prevention

There are very few companies that are providing communication solutions to the incarceration facilities and still managing to make the world a safer place for all. Securus Technologies is one of them.


The company has been able to build a reputation for itself. This is due to the effort of each of its employees. In fact, safety has become a part of the DNA of each employee of Securus Technologies. They claim that every week, a new product is launched, or a new modification or addition is made to its existing products.


I am well aware that this is the result of the feedback which they receive from their customers, who are primarily the jail and prison officials. This indicates how seriously they consider the needs and requirements of their customers and strive to provide them the same accordingly.


In addition, this is the only company that I have come across that provides free access to its customers to visit their center and see the new products and understand their working accordingly. In fact, both current, as well as prospective customers are welcome there.


Securus Technologies is well aware that unless the customers are aware of the products as well as their salient features, they cannot use the products properly and get optimum benefits out of them. I have come across emails and formal letters in which jail authorities have asked Securus Technologies about their covert features. This has helped them in their ongoing investigations of various cases.


In addition, these products have helped the jail authorities in identifying the corrupt jail officials. These devices help in nabbing such culprits red-handed. Many times, search warrants are issued against them due to these products provided by Securus Technologies. In this way, the facilities have become a safer place for all.


Securus Invites GTL to A Superiority Contest

Securus Technologies has called out its fierce rival GTL, to an open challenge where a sovereign judge will decide which of the two institutions is better than the other. Securus provides technology and communication services in penitentiaries across the country. The challenge, seen as a clash of titans, will seek to establish which company has the most advanced infrastructure as well as excellent customer ratings. Besides, the diversity and quality of products and services will also be examined.


Securus’ CEO, Rick Smith, pointed that GTL had used litigation to prove their superiority over his firm. Rick stated that an independent judge would be the best solution to the conundrum. He added that the claim made by GTL was not just, mainly because they had invested a huge amount of money, over $670 million in their franchise. The money was used in venture acquisitions and innovation of new products, including a world-class technology center as well as a customer service point. On the contrary, GTL had invested less than 10% of Securus’ stake.


The CEO also revealed that while GTL sources its customer care staff from Mexico, Securus hires locals and trains them extensively before dispatching them. Furthermore, he noted that Securus boasts of the world’s largest Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) platform within prisons. Unlike GTL’s obsolete platforms, VOIP is cheaper and upgradeable.


Rick categorically stated that GTL could not match their technological infrastructure. He proceeded to show off their sate of the art equipment, ranging from biometric systems to data analytics.


According to Rick, former GTL clients who have used services from both companies, have approved the supremacy of Securus. The reason behind the admission was that Securus offered better technology, customer service and above all, value for money.


Rick concludes by urging GTL to take up the challenge – but added that if he were in GTL’s shoes, he would decline because they just cannot beat Securus.


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