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Vincent Parascandola Keeps Showing How it is Done

Vincent aka Vinny Parascandola can be described as a giant among finance professionals. With more than 25 years under his belt, he now serves as the senior executive vice president at AXA Advisors LLC, which specializes in equitable life insurance policies. At AXA, he has several responsibilities which include recruiting, retention, sales, management, and productivity. In fact, he has won many awards in recognition for his work and management style. To start with, he won the title “rookie of the year” way back in 1987 while working at his first finance job at Prudential. Other awards include the prestigious GAMA sponsored Career Development and Master Agency Awards.

A graduate of Pace University of New York, he acquired his degree in science. However, after graduating from college he decided that finance, not science, was his calling and took up a job at Prudential as an agent. After cutting his teeth at Prudential for three years he joined MONY Life Insurance Company, where he gained experience in a variety of responsibilities such as local as well as a regional manager. Vincent Parascandola continued to work there for a number of years before finally joining AXA Advisors. Before becoming Vice President at AXA, he worked as president of The Advantage Group, which is a vertical owned by AXA, responsible for hiring seasoned finance talent. Check out Rocket Reach for more details.

While working at Advantage Group, Vincent also served as co-manager for AXA’s Metro Branch which had nearly 400 employees working there at the time. It takes exceptional skill to directly manage such a large number of employees, and Vincent demonstrated this ability while working there. This is what ultimately led to his present position at AXA. Today, the company has over 6000 employees, which keeps Vincent very busy these days. With all the experience he gained over the years in various positions, Vincent Parascandola is a highly sought after public speaker and has spoken at many industry related conferences. In fact, he recently made a visit at his alma matter at Pace college to give a speech to the graduating class.

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