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Robert Ivy Shares The Benefits Of Being In A Professional Association

Professional societies and associations are part and parcel of the United States’ workforce system. They play a major role in career development and even driving individual members to fulfillment. Schools are doing a lot in preparing students for their future work. However, that doesn’t beat the need for Professional associations.

Let’s take for instance, America Institute of Architects. Robert Ivy is the CEO and Vice President of AIA. AIA has been a trendsetter in the industry providing unrelenting support to its members. Such associations have come up in the United States and currently, there are about 92,000 professional and trade associations.

Educational Resources
Professional associations have a pool of resources that are designed to meet the needs of their members. Some go to an extra mile to employ researchers. These resources have proven to be helpful to many people are starting off their career.

Networking opportunities
This is one major benefit that is accrued to members. Many people from the same professional gather in annual conferences. This is an opportunity to meet new people and interact. It opens doors for new offers and you could also learn about job openings. It is gratifying to share your issues with like-minded and trusted individuals.


Job hunt made easy
The interactions at the annual conferences or at any other association function could yield to job opportunities. Some associations goes far and beyond to offer career assistance. They allow job seekers to access the online job boards. Job affairs also common and can see you land the opportunity you have been looking for.

Industry Interests
Trade associations normally rely on political lobbying to drive their agendas forward. On the other hand, some societies put effort in swaying policymakers into making decisions that favors their members. The many members an association has, the more resources it will have and hence, a higher lobbying power.

Robert Ivy said that architects are a few in the United States but their voice is strong. Robert Ivy continued to say that at one point, their advocacy organization affected tax legislation.

Collecting Credentials
Membership in a professional association can build your credibility. It shows commitment to your field as well as being abreast of trends as well as developments. According to Robert Ivy, AIA has values and its members adheres to them. AIA members are also held accountable.

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