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Rocketship Education Informs Parents about the Importance of Growth Scores for Students

Rocketship Education is a charter school system that first started in Redwood City, California. This chain of charter schools is considered very revolutionary by today’s educational standards. They allow parents to be involved within the building process and they even allow them to sit in on during the interviewing process for teachers.

Parents are also given the opportunity to be involved with their child’s education.

Rocketship endorses parental involvement every step of the way. They also take the same approach with parents when it comes to testing students. Rocketship wants parents to understand the importance of state tests. This charter school system typically has very competitive test score results for their students. While this is a positive part of the Rocketship experience; the school wants parents to know that test results are not the only thing that matters. They also want parents to focus on growth score results.

What are growth score results? Here is a simple explanation about what they are. Growth scores are tests given to students to see how much they are learning throughout a given school year. Growth score tests are broken down into a series of tests which are given at the beginning of the year and then they are given periodically as the year progresses. By the time school is out, educators and parents can accurately gauge how students are really learning.

The name of this style of testing is known as MAP or Measures of Academic Progress. This type of testing is currently being used in 7,400 schools across the country. The MAP is produced by the Northwest Evaluation Association or the NWEA. This organization provides computer-based testing services and products for the education system within America.

Rocketship wants parents to be aware of the fact that MAP testing is a standard for measuring a student’s yearly growth. This type of test can figure out what a student already knows and where they will need help. The test can also help teachers to create a better educational experience for their students as they learn throughout the year. Rocketship Education wants parents to understand that accurate growth test scores will better prepare them for their state testing and they should help to improve their grades.