Gareth Henry – Journey from Mathematics to Investing


Gareth Henry s degree in actuarial mathematics and statistics blended seamlessly with his ability to talk to colleagues, investors and even a layman in a way that could make financial sense to them and propelled his career. After a stint as Analyst in the research team with Watson Wyat, he soon worked his way up as the Director of Strategic Solutions at Schroders, a British asset management company. A couple of years later, Gareth Henry s deep understanding of finance and his passion for customer service gravitated him to head the investor relations team for Fortress Investment Group. Visit

Gareth Henry s success reflected in his significant raising of capital for Fortress Group. His job at Fortress Group was based in the US and also required him to work with investors in Europe, Asia and Middle East. He was described as phenomenal in his job of managing investor relationships and also bringing new capital at the same time. His acumen to understand the deepest needs of his clients, combined great deal of effort and building a connection with large funds and insurance companies. Soon he climbed as the Global Investor relations Head at Angelo Gordon & Co. He then became a Partner in the company.

Gareth Henry credits his growth and success to his ability to pay attention to the unspoken expectations of his clients and his humility in seeking feedback through mentorship. He outlines two major trends in alternative investing, one of which is the end institutional client directly investing in a private stake or lending funds. This offers dual benefit of diversifying and also minimizes the possibility of a reduced return from a portfolio. He thinks large institutions making major investment decisions will continue to be a norm, which could open great opportunities. The other trend Gareth identifies is in blockchain and cryptocurrencies, where legalization of a novel investment option, in spite of its characteristic volatility, has offered more than 50 % return in the last 12 months.

Despite his remarkable success, Gareth emphasizes the positive and learning experiences over his career and thinks a continuous activity is a key to creating opportunities. He also believes moving slowly is acceptable as long as one is moving.