Jacob Gottlieb Altium


Jacob Gottlieb, a world-renowned serial healthcare entrepreneur has yet again launched another healthcare venture to his repertoire known as Altium Capital. Altium Capital is a healthcare investment firm that is headquartered out of New York. Gottlieb founded the firm with the sole aim of providing growth opportunities to companies in the healthcare industry. Gottlieb most importantly through Altium is focused on investing resources in healthcare firms that provide patients with essential health and medical care. Altium Capital has already started investing in a couple of healthcare firms, and they include Amarin Corporation, Oramed Pharmaceuticals, and Oragenics among others.

Altium Capital acquired a 5.61% stake at Oramed. Oramed is focused on developing new alternative innovative drugs for diabetic patients. Oramed has developed oral treatment drugs for diabetes. The oral medications are expected to replace the conventional injectable drugs method that was considered painful and stressful for diabetic patients. Oramed has successfully developed, tested and released to the market its first orally ingestible insulin capsule as well as Glucagon-like Peptide analog capsule. Oramed has been in existence for a while and boasts of having a well-experienced management team with decades of experience in the healthcare sector. Oramed besides has a team of highly experienced world-class scientists.

The other company that Altium Capital has invested in Amarin is a leading innovative pharmaceutical company that is focused on developing drugs that will aid in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Amarin boasts of its first line FDA approved drug Vascepa (AMR-101) which is an omega three fatty acid prescription drug. The drug was approved in the year 2012.

Oragenics, on the other hand, is a healthcare firm that is focused on developing novel antibiotics for the treatment of infectious diseases. Oragenics was founded on the concept of replacement therapy by two physicians in the year 1966. Replacement therapy is a mode of treatment where harmful bacteria are replaced with those that are beneficial to achieve a result that is therapeutic or health enhancing.