Neurocore is a research group that for years have been researching the brain of those with mental disorders compared to those without. Over the years the research has presented that there is a difference in the function of the brain that can be seen on brain scans. Because of this the group went to research if there was a way to truly correct it as they believed that the current medication often did not correct it the way it should. The other question was if it could be done without giving the patient toxic medication. So the group naturally found brain training as it had been proven already to improve focus and prevent some mental disorders that are degenerative. Read more about Neurocore at

So the group found all the brain training exercises they could and even developed some of their own. From there they started to experiment and found patients that were willing to give it a try. Through years they were able to find the right regime depending on the disorder that they were trying to treat. Through the patient’s feedback and actual brain scans the group was able to tell that it was working.


Of course it wasn’t a cure all the process took time and effort on everyone’s part and it is something that many of the patients had to keep up in order for it to truly work out for them in the long term. The good thing is that after so long the patient can do it on their own so that they don’t have to be seen in the clinic all the time. The Neurocore group moved to opening a clinic for patients to come in where they do have to pay out of pocket right now but the group is working very hard for that to be something they can change in the future. Right now the group is working with insurance companies so that one day insurance will cover the treatment and they are working on opening more clinics around the country to meet the demand of patients that want to be treated by the group hoping that they can limit the medication they are on and have a normal life again. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar success story

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a board-licensed plastic surgeon and also a member of the well-known Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. He has offices located in Plano and Dallas and serves patients from all over Texas and the rest of United States. Dr. Sameer specializes in body and breast contouring and also performs a number of buttock improvement procedures. This includes the Brazilian Buttock Implant and Butt Lift Surgery. He has been constantly recognized as one of the best doctors practicing in Dallas and US.

Dr. Jejurikar is special in that he undertook a formal post-graduate education in aesthetic surgery. Compared to other surgeons, he has above and beyond standard training among his peers. He finished his association training at Manhattan Ear, Eye, and Throat Hospital. Dr. Jejurikar learned from his pioneers specialized in aesthetic surgery that enabled him to develop innovative techniques that he uses for breast, face, and body cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Jejurikar is remarkably trained in several aspects of body-related contouring surgery. He conducts a high number of Brazilian Butt Implant Surgery and Butt Lifts. Dr. Jejurikar knows that all of his patients are different. However, his caring persona and thorough attention-to-detail make him to come up with surgical solutions to meet his patients’ needs.

At the well-known University of Michigan Medical School, Dr. Jejurikar finished his medical training where he emerged as one of the top students. Additionally, he was appointed as a member of the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society. Dr. Jejurikar started his practice still at University of Michigan Medical Center where he performed his residency plastic surgery. When he was through with his plastic surgery training, Dr. Jejurikar additionally spent another year at the Manhattan Ear, Eye, and Throat Hospital, where he enhanced his skills in aesthetic surgery. Dr. Jejurikar has now conducted several successful surgeries, and his patients have been impressed by his skills.

Decentralized blockchain security as explained by the WAX president, Malcolm CasSelle

Malcolm CasSelle is a renowned businessman, CIO of OPSkins and the president of Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX). He has a computer science degree from MIT and a master’s degree in computer science from Stanford University. He is fluent in Mandarin and Japanese. He started his career in 1995 when they came together with his partner and co-founded NetNoir where he worked as the CTO. The company was a media production website that had concentrated on Afrocentric culture; it was later allowed into the AOL Greenhouse Program.

Malcolm CasSelle later moved to Pacific century Cyber Works where he served as the CEO’s advisor between 1998 and 2002. In 2006, Malcolm CasSelle joined Capital Union Investment where he was a director for eight years being in charge of private direct investments. Malcolm CasSelle was became the CEO of Xfire in April 2012, and nine months later, he joined MediaPass as the CEO where he serves up to date. He was named as tronc’s CTO in 2016 and has been serving as the president in WAX and OPSkins where he joined in 2017.

Malcolm CasSelle

Malcolm points out that the virtual game sector is a $50 billion sector where the users use the internet trade and exchange their weapon skins. An online Centralized exchange platform is used in exchanging the weapon skins. He states that there is need to take fun to another level and start earning from it. The main focus of WAX is to offer solutions to some of the problems experienced during online trading in the gaming world.

WAX is creating its one-stop shop for online trade assets that enables the users around the world to trade their weapons skins. The communication between gamers and traders has been made easy by WAX technology that utilizes the WAX tokens that can be used internationally.

Malcolm CasSelle is a longtime cryptocurrency advocate that cofounded OPSkins, a company that grew to be among the leading companies to take bitcoin. The weapon skins traded in WAX are unique and allow the traders to use visually appealing images and designs to their weapons they utilize in their combat.

“Closer” Transformed Chainsmokers into Superstars

It has been little over two years since the music duo, Chainsmokers in collaboration with Halsey released their biggest hit song “Closer.” Recently the hit was certified diamond in the USA for making sales over 10 million units. The Chainsmokers together with Halsey released the good news through their Instagram pages by posting photos taken holding their plaques to prove that they really now have a diamond single under their belt.

The last certification for Chainsmokers was in 2017 when the Recording Industry Association of America certified the song when it attained 7 million sales. The track quickly bolted to become the top Hot 100 song during the summer of 2016 and it ruled the charts for a long time than people expected would be possible. Further, the song controlled the listing of all the genre singles for at least a dozen times while trying it against various blockbuster releases to earning the title of the fourth song to run the longest as the No. 1 hit in the country’s history.

“Closer” has also won a number of awards and the song has also been the influencing factor to the duo’s first Grammy Award nomination. Although the song won various awards it was not able to win the award for the Best Pop Duo that is awarded to the group performance category. It lost the award to “Stressed Out,” sung by the Twenty One Pilots. However, “closer” has maintained its popularity over the two years through sales, airplay on radios and streams, It is just recently that the song lost the No.1 spot on the Billboard’s category of Hot Dance to “The Middle,” a song by Zedd, Grey, and Maren.

Before the Chainsmokers released the song “Closer” they were doing fairly well in the industry. In this time they had few songs on the top 10 hit songs which pushed their relevance in music. However, when they released “Closer,” there was a complete transformation of the situation and the song turned them into superstars. In the song, they collaborated with Halsey, and it also became her breakout single as a new artist, although she had already proven herself worthy and with a large fan base before the “Closer.”

Vijay Eswaran Keeps his Focus

Dr. Vijay Eswaran takes on many roles. He is the co-founder and Executive Chairman of the QI Group of Companies, along with being an author and a business speaker. Dr. Eswaran has found plenty of time to turn that success into philanthropy, and he is heavily invested in projects that help with child mentoring and advancement and empowerment of women.

Dr. Eswaran knows that there is no ‘one’ correct way to operate in the business world. In order to be successful you sometimes have to change the rules or even make up your own. He also knows the value of putting together a great team. It is impossible to do everything yourself, and so surrounding yourself with the best staff and being able to trust and delegate is a key part of running an operation.

As Dr. Eswaran could be anywhere around the globe on any given day, he has learned to expect the unexpected. One of the constants that he has is the use of his smart phone to keep on top of all the latest news. With the types of days he has, he also thinks it is very important to set aside time in the morning to just be still and calm. It is a way of coping with the stress that will follow. Dr. Eswaran has never been a big proponent of following the rules. Companies and people that do that will never achieve anything but the norm. He is looking to shake things up and break into areas that people have not been willing to look at.

One of the things that keeps Dr. Eswaran motivated is the thought of some of the early jobs he had to suffer through to become the success he is now. He would certainly not want to return to the gas attendant or cab driver’s jobs he had, and so he is always looking to improve and expand his businesses.

Alex Hern and Fortune

Most people will never catch Alex Hern doing more than he can manage at once. That just isn’t the co-founder’s style. He’s a careful entrepreneur who likes to make planning his number one priority on the job. Tsunami XR’s head honcho knows precisely what he’s doing. He’s a technology authority who isn’t intimidated by newness. He’s a life science authority who isn’t apprehensive at all by researching related firms that run the gamut. Intense work is something that makes him feel alive daily. It’s something that helps him confirm that he’s doing things his way.

Alex Hern craves the rare stillness of the night. It doesn’t matter what kind of day he’s having. He considers the evening to be a soothing sanctuary. Although he classifies the night as being a peaceful period, it’s not a time for unwinding for him at all. Alex Hern accomplishes a lot while other people are catching up on rest. Alex Hern designates the nighttime for devising concepts that function well for him and for his current businesses.

Hern thinks that there are many individuals who have thoughts about his field that, simply put, are totally incorrect. Some people think that all of the people who enter his field do well. Hern states that that’s completely untrue. He indicates that managing startup organizations is a tough job for anyone. He also indicates that there aren’t many individuals who actually have the ability to do it correctly. It’s taxing to put powerful staffs together. It’s demanding to remain organized as well. Hern states that organization is vital. He also acknowledges that fortune is of the essence for many. He urges all people to maintain exemplary attention spans in order to steer clear of the possibilities of neglecting to spot openings that may be out there for them.

Upwork: Working Through Your Do To List

The goal to starting any kind of task list is to finish it. Many of us don’t think about how powerful it is when we create a to do list and stick to it. The main focus is how are you organizing your to-do list in order to get everything done? Upwork is a well known platform where freelancers can take on jobs from companies all over the world. They have thousands of professional working day and night to complete tasks in a reasonable amount of time. If you are wondering how to speed up your productivity and get through the day’s tasks, consider these 10 beneficial tips to tackle your to-do list.

Capture it all

You will be surprise that most of us can’t even remember some of the tasks that we have to get done. That’s why its smart to consider using what is called the Zeigernik Effect. It basically lets us realize that many incomplete tasks will continue to haunt us in our minds. Therefore, that constant thinking of what you didn’t do zaps our overall focus on what presently needs to get done. That’s why it’s in your best interest to capture everything you need to do in a well written list. It has been found by doing this we are more likely to complete the tasks before us.


It’s no secret that most of us have some kind of plan in place before we start our day. Research shows that a lot of people have the most energy in the morning and are the more productive. That said, you should get into the habit of preparing your lists at night before you go to bed.

Upwork has continued its success as a global freelance opportunity for many professionals looking to perform side work. It allows you to connect on a remote basis with other professionals or companies that have a ton of work for you to perform. As of this date, Upwork has over 12 million freelancers that have registered with the site. The main headquarters for Upwork is located in San Francisco and Mountain View.

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Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade Footprints in Changing the Automobile Industry in Brazil

The Brazilian automobile industry is one of the fastest growing auto industries in the world. It is also one of the most complex automobile industry to understand just by simple analysis. Boris Feldman who is a seasoned Brazilian journalist has followed the development of the industry for many years. According to him, no other automobile dealer has been consistent like Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade. The journey of nearly four decades represents a true story of Dr. Carlos love with cars.

According to Boris Feldman, the journey of Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade as one of the most active actors in the automobile industry in Latin America represents dedication, risk-taking, and smart calculative moves. Through his broadcasting avenues, Boris Feldman has been fortunate to cover every progress Dr. Carlos has made from just being a typical Ford dealer to the chair of CAOA assembler.

In one of his 2012 pieces on Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade, the journalist explored the journey of this extraordinary automobile dealer from the medical world to the world of the automobile. In the article, Boris Feldman was discovering the reasons why a trained medical doctor could come to a very different world a make a huge impact.

The transition of just being an importer and seller of automobiles to being part of the automobile manufacturing industry is the most documented fact about Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade. Dr. Carlos has kind in explaining the progress to Boris Feldman. Boris Feldman for example documented the deal with Tucson and talks with a design firm from Italy. In this conversation, both Carlos Alberto de Oliveira and Boris Feldman were not ignorant of the fact that similar attempts in the Brazilian automobile industry had failed in the past.

However, Dr. Carlos dealings with automobile giants from Asia make his a step ahead of the industrial challenges specifically the Brazilian automobile sector. Dealings with big automobile actors such as Hyundai puts Dr. Carlos a step forward to the success of the fast-growing automobile industry in the Latin American country. From 2014 to date, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira has successfully led CAOA in making thousands of Hyundai ix35.

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Gareth Henry – Journey from Mathematics to Investing


Gareth Henry s degree in actuarial mathematics and statistics blended seamlessly with his ability to talk to colleagues, investors and even a layman in a way that could make financial sense to them and propelled his career. After a stint as Analyst in the research team with Watson Wyat, he soon worked his way up as the Director of Strategic Solutions at Schroders, a British asset management company. A couple of years later, Gareth Henry s deep understanding of finance and his passion for customer service gravitated him to head the investor relations team for Fortress Investment Group. Visit

Gareth Henry s success reflected in his significant raising of capital for Fortress Group. His job at Fortress Group was based in the US and also required him to work with investors in Europe, Asia and Middle East. He was described as phenomenal in his job of managing investor relationships and also bringing new capital at the same time. His acumen to understand the deepest needs of his clients, combined great deal of effort and building a connection with large funds and insurance companies. Soon he climbed as the Global Investor relations Head at Angelo Gordon & Co. He then became a Partner in the company.

Gareth Henry credits his growth and success to his ability to pay attention to the unspoken expectations of his clients and his humility in seeking feedback through mentorship. He outlines two major trends in alternative investing, one of which is the end institutional client directly investing in a private stake or lending funds. This offers dual benefit of diversifying and also minimizes the possibility of a reduced return from a portfolio. He thinks large institutions making major investment decisions will continue to be a norm, which could open great opportunities. The other trend Gareth identifies is in blockchain and cryptocurrencies, where legalization of a novel investment option, in spite of its characteristic volatility, has offered more than 50 % return in the last 12 months.

Despite his remarkable success, Gareth emphasizes the positive and learning experiences over his career and thinks a continuous activity is a key to creating opportunities. He also believes moving slowly is acceptable as long as one is moving.



Robert Ivy Shares The Benefits Of Being In A Professional Association

Professional societies and associations are part and parcel of the United States’ workforce system. They play a major role in career development and even driving individual members to fulfillment. Schools are doing a lot in preparing students for their future work. However, that doesn’t beat the need for Professional associations.

Let’s take for instance, America Institute of Architects. Robert Ivy is the CEO and Vice President of AIA. AIA has been a trendsetter in the industry providing unrelenting support to its members. Such associations have come up in the United States and currently, there are about 92,000 professional and trade associations.

Educational Resources
Professional associations have a pool of resources that are designed to meet the needs of their members. Some go to an extra mile to employ researchers. These resources have proven to be helpful to many people are starting off their career.

Networking opportunities
This is one major benefit that is accrued to members. Many people from the same professional gather in annual conferences. This is an opportunity to meet new people and interact. It opens doors for new offers and you could also learn about job openings. It is gratifying to share your issues with like-minded and trusted individuals.


Job hunt made easy
The interactions at the annual conferences or at any other association function could yield to job opportunities. Some associations goes far and beyond to offer career assistance. They allow job seekers to access the online job boards. Job affairs also common and can see you land the opportunity you have been looking for.

Industry Interests
Trade associations normally rely on political lobbying to drive their agendas forward. On the other hand, some societies put effort in swaying policymakers into making decisions that favors their members. The many members an association has, the more resources it will have and hence, a higher lobbying power.

Robert Ivy said that architects are a few in the United States but their voice is strong. Robert Ivy continued to say that at one point, their advocacy organization affected tax legislation.

Collecting Credentials
Membership in a professional association can build your credibility. It shows commitment to your field as well as being abreast of trends as well as developments. According to Robert Ivy, AIA has values and its members adheres to them. AIA members are also held accountable.

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