Todd Lubar Keeps Himself Updated of the Latest Trends in Real Estate

Todd Lubar is a well-known investor and financial analyst in the real estate industry of the United States. In the last 25 years, Todd Lubar has invested in many booming industries successfully and has also headed a number of companies. Few of the sectors in which Todd Lubar is invested in is the demolition industry, entertainment industry, nightclub, real estate development company, and more. Todd Lubar believes that it is essential for the businessmen to continue to look for new opportunities, and it is what has been taking him places throughout his career. Todd Lubar has done Bachelor of Arts with specialization in Speech Communication from the Syracuse University.


As a big name in the real estate industry, Todd Lubar feels that the real estate sector in the United States has become stable after a long time and is the perfect time for the investors to invest. While giving the example of Baltimore, Todd Lubar said that even though in the statistics, it shows that the population in the Baltimore region has decreased, the real estate pricing and demand has actually increased. It is particularly due to the booming economy in the region and the interest among the young population to relocate here to find better job opportunities. There has been a huge influx of youth in Baltimore, and it has pressed the realtors to develop new projects for apartments and condominiums.


Todd Lubar has worked for few years at Crestar Corporations at the beginning of his career and then moved on to work for the Legendary Financial Services. While heading the Maryland Office of the Legendary Financial, he helped the office to achieve a turnover of hundreds of millions of dollars under his supervision. Todd Lubar believes that it is necessary for the person to be focused and have a good company in order to stay positive and move ahead towards the goal without getting distracted. Currently, Todd Lubar is the President of the TDL Ventures, and he helps the people fulfill their dream of buying their own home. He helps people understand how to get the loans they need to purchase their dream home.


Todd Lubar has been able to make a successful career in real estate because he loves to learn about the new trends and has a passion for these things. He reads most of the real estate newsletters out there to know what works for the real estate buyers and what does not. It is the reason why his clients trust him and visit him for advice. He inspires others to be best at what they want to do and achieve success. He tries to understand what exactly his clients want before providing them details about real estate. His clients well like him because he loves to have a meaningful conversation with them.



Dr. Shafik Sachedina: Commitment To Excellence In The Community

In the healthcare industry, it can be hard sometimes to find someone who is as skillful as they are passionate about the work they do. However, sometimes there is one person in that gives the people the care they need, all while providing a personable experience. Dr. Shafik Sachedina is a very kind and professional Dental Surgeon at the Institute of Ismaili Studies and Sussex Healthcare.

He currently works with many elderly patients, giving them the care they need and providing them with the advanced knowledge he has acquired through years of hard work and studying. His main function in Sussex Healthcare is his position as the joint chair as well as one of the founding member of the organization. He focuses intently on supporting the sometimes daunting tasks of law enforcement and supplying resources to the community to help investigations.

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He works with both the police and city council to ensure that they receive top quality support, as well as to ensure that the standard of health is kept. Dr. Shafik Sachedina has a heart for getting the job done and ensuring that the experience of all people in his care is held to the highest standard of excellence according to He has received awards for his help in the community as well as his role in the healthcare industry. Shafik Sachedina has a rare quality, and that is a true empathetic caring for the needs of others, and a heart to connect with each person’s unique situation.

He studied at the University of London and became rapidly known for his adamant and effective work in the community. Shafik Sachedina has extensive experience in his own field of Dental Surgery and continues to this day to uplift the lives of those in need. He stresses the importance of personal relationships in the community and serves as an inspiration to other doctors around the world.

Those who give their all for the benefit of others do the most effective work, and Dr. Sachedina is proof of a man who makes the community his own business. The reason for his success is his caring nature for those he is involved with. This speaks to the nature of his unique and personable character. Without him, business in healthcare and the community would not be nearly as robust as it is today, and those in his care wouldn’t have the opportunity to be treated with such efficiency.

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Waiakea Volcanic Water: A Better Way To Drink Healthy

In society today, there are a number of beverages to choose from when you’re thirsty. This includes soda, beer, juice and sports drink. One of the very best beverages you could ever drink is water. Though it may lack all of the tasty flavor as other drinks, water is still a top-rated choice from a health standpoint. Bottled water has seen to have taken over the game. Just about every type of food retailor sells bottled water, but all bottled water isn’t the same. Some of the brands provide decent bottled water while others tend to not be as decent. It all comes down to how acidic the water truly is, but there’s one brand that doesn’t have to worry about being acidic.

Waiakea is the brand of choice for millions of people. This particular water comes straight from the Hawaiian islands, and it is loaded with all kinds of trace minerals such as electrolytes, magnesium and calcium. The brand’s Hawaiian culture is fully intact here. Waiakea actually means “broad waters,” and it can provide the user with a host of health benefits. Many of the competing brands’ water doesn’t seem to live-up to the hype. This usually happens when a brand starts to incorporate gimmicks just to help boost sales. Waiakea Volcanic water is definitely an ethical brand of water. It’s based out of Hawaii, and it’s founder is an Hawaiian-native. The company’s slogan, drink Healthy,” is being personified to the highest degree each and every day.

By sipping on water that is in an alkaline state, you can neutralize harmful stomach acids. For those who are suffering with acid reflux, this water can potentially help you thanks to the water’s natural bicarbonates. Waiakea Volcanic water is in a class by itself, and it will continue to push the boundaries of high-alkaline water.

Rocketship Education Informs Parents about the Importance of Growth Scores for Students

Rocketship Education is a charter school system that first started in Redwood City, California. This chain of charter schools is considered very revolutionary by today’s educational standards. They allow parents to be involved within the building process and they even allow them to sit in on during the interviewing process for teachers.

Parents are also given the opportunity to be involved with their child’s education.

Rocketship endorses parental involvement every step of the way. They also take the same approach with parents when it comes to testing students. Rocketship wants parents to understand the importance of state tests. This charter school system typically has very competitive test score results for their students. While this is a positive part of the Rocketship experience; the school wants parents to know that test results are not the only thing that matters. They also want parents to focus on growth score results.

What are growth score results? Here is a simple explanation about what they are. Growth scores are tests given to students to see how much they are learning throughout a given school year. Growth score tests are broken down into a series of tests which are given at the beginning of the year and then they are given periodically as the year progresses. By the time school is out, educators and parents can accurately gauge how students are really learning.

The name of this style of testing is known as MAP or Measures of Academic Progress. This type of testing is currently being used in 7,400 schools across the country. The MAP is produced by the Northwest Evaluation Association or the NWEA. This organization provides computer-based testing services and products for the education system within America.

Rocketship wants parents to be aware of the fact that MAP testing is a standard for measuring a student’s yearly growth. This type of test can figure out what a student already knows and where they will need help. The test can also help teachers to create a better educational experience for their students as they learn throughout the year. Rocketship Education wants parents to understand that accurate growth test scores will better prepare them for their state testing and they should help to improve their grades.

Lime Crime’s Unicorn Queen Doe Deere Talks Openly

Russian born Unicorn Queen, Doe Deere is the ever popular CEO and founder of the cosmetic company Lime Crime. Doe grew up in New York City and started out in the world of fashion design. She was a highly successful woman business owner in a time when women didn’t always make it far in business. In 2008 and the early stages of the internet, Doe took her cosmetic company online and took her place in the female owned business category of successful entrepreneurs.


Doe and her husband are now working their operations from Los Angeles, CA and she has done her best to make sure that the company is living up to the expectations of the Vegan community. Lime Crime is a company who makes the cosmetics that Vegans can wear and be proud of. You can find eye shadows, pigments that are loose and fun to wear and a pocket full of rainbow colored products that include liners, nail polishes and lip glosses as well as liquid liners.


The reason Doe Deere started the cosmetic business was because she was designing clothes and she wanted makeup to enhance what she was doing. She wanted brighter and bolder colors. Doe tried to find these makeup colors on the market but, all the colors available were bland an boring. As a result, Doe had to create the colors that she wanted to mix and match with her clothes and as a result, Lime Crime was born. Creating an imaginative and cruelty-free makeup that was brand able and easy to distribute took some time and talent, but, Doe knew it would be well worth it.


Doe started the whole Lime Crime company with a large dream and a show string pocket book. Doe had around a hundred dollars that she could spare to start her cosmetic launch. She used her experience in the world of fashion and business and created the company from the ground up. Once Doe got into makeup development, she never looked back. Her passion for makeup and artful color shined so bright that people started to notice. Doe knew at that time in her life that she had found her passion and created a great way to make income.


She started to blog and listen to the feedback that people gave her. She adjusted her product line to accommodate requests and she started selling more and more product. Soon Doe knew for sure that she was on to the right business model. She wanted to make sure that everything Lime Crime created catered to Vegans too and that idea still holds true today because the whole line of cosmetics is Vegan friendly. Doe still wanted the line to be fun and hold up to everyday wear. She looked hard and long to find the correct partners on the laboratory end of things. It helped to create the perfect conditions and uphold that Vegan commitment. Doe often talks to university students and future business leaders and encourages them to listen to their heart and create their dream life. Doe tells everyone that the heart always knows and she’s right, because thats how Lime Crime was born.


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You can Trust the Fortress Investment Group

By the end of last year the Fortress Investment Group had become one of the most dominating hedge fund management firms around the world. They are managing over $43.6 billion from over 1750 different institutions. Their clientele range anywhere between commercial to business to private trade their success rate in helping businesses gain profit margins and market share is out of this world. They are respected by all as a strong institution and were recently acquired by another business group for several billion dollars.The Fortress Investment Group became successfully by developing five core competencies which allow their business to remain standing strong. The first core competency is standing on the ability to do asset-based work. Asset-based work operates on the idea that you get a direct payment for the money you invest. Good examples of this are flipping goods, arbitrage, real estate both commercial and residential, and bonds.

They are experts when it comes to pricing these things and managing them against the risk provided.The Fortress Investment Group has diversified its portfolio in this area in order to keep the money strong and safe. They have a vice president that overlooks each of these four categories and manages the money appropriately treated the first category holds $6.5 billion and specializes in the area of private equity firms. The second category holds $7.8 billion and operates the permanent capital vehicles. The third category holds $9 billion in charge of managing the credit hedge funds. The last group, which is by far the largest, holds $15.1 billion and is in charge of credit private equity.The second core competency that has made the Fortress Investment Group strong is that they have industry knowledge that is second to none. They hire workers based on how broad and how to keep their knowledge is of a specific sector and then asks them to operate in that industry.

They have employed 1500 different analysts. Each of these analysts carries a postdoctoral degree which allows them to make decisions in these areas that no one else can make. They undergo additional education when they come to the Fortress Investment Group and are expected to continue growing.This need to continuously grow has made the third core competency available. The Fortress Investment Group is also capable of analyzing the most tight net complicated investment issues. By using their specialist team and their executive vice presidents their able to decide the investment versus the risk with a precision that would make a mathematical genius drool.The Fortress Investment Group has also carved a very unique spot out for themselves by consulting with various corporations and businesses as they look to merge and acquire other entities.The last core competency is the Fortress Investment Group is capable of operating with the little guy. They take small business investments and place them low risk areas so that the money does accrue interest in gain profit while remaining safe at the exact same time. This secures the small business.


Louis Chenevert was born in 1958 in Quebec. He is a Canadian businessman who has made achievements in every organization he has served. Presently, he is retired and spends the entire time in Goldman Sachs as an advisor. Louis follows his interests and also spends time with his family. He started his journey by getting a degree in production management from HEC Montreal. Working in General Motors was fruitful, and he raised his career level rapidly to become the production manager. Later, he became the general production manager where he served the role of supervising extensive production.

In 1993 Chenevert left GM and joined Canadian branch and work for the Pratt and Whitney. Before Louis becoming a member of the company, the economy wasn’t doing well, but due to Chenevert experience, accuracy and comprehension, he restored the financial development of the company. Within six years Chenevert was appointed as the president of the company after the market share started to increase in the aerospace industry.

Pratt and Whitney are supplemental for United Technologies Corporation (UTC) which served both civilian and military economies, leading to a broad diversity of products which include elevators, security systems, and aircraft engine.

In 2006 he was chosen to be the chairman of UTC and later April 2008 he became the chief executive officer. At that time UTC had a low economy, and Chenevert decided to shift production into the US. UTC provided workers and engineers with an offer to switch to the central location, and Connecticut State became their home. UTC was capable of expanding the economy stock price.

His prominent acquisition includes the purchase of Goodrich Corporation. Goodrich had become the top manufacturer of rubber all over the world, and Louis main aim was to make sure UTC had purchased Goodrich. A deal that aided in minimizing the internal expense of production and increased the substantial share of the firm market.

Chenevert publicized his retirement in 2014, and this was an astonishment to many people because at that moment UTC was doing immensely fantastic due to his diligent work. But it should be noted that he needed adequate time to chase his excitements. He has designed and build three different leading yachts.

Securus Evolves its Security Strategies and Seeks to Stop Drones

Securus introduces the drone detection technology and vows to help to stop illegal entry of the devices into correctional institutions in the USA. It will be remembered that not too long ago, Securus embarked on an exercise to rid the country’s prisons of contraband Items such as phones. Owing to the increasing concerns about the illegal deployment of drones to the correctional centers in the USA. Securus, which has been given the mandate to provide unrivaled security to over 3500 government agencies including prisons decided to take steps to stop the risky practice. Securus announced recently that they have completed their testing of the drone detection technologies and that it could be deployed as soon as the systems were approved. Securus takes care of over 12 000 prisons in the US. The company just doesn’t seem to want to go to sleep. It is always pulling out something from its sleeves to keep their security business ahead of the pack. With Drone detection technology added to its rich suck of tricks, prisoners might have to stay longer behind walls.


Securus Honored for their Customer Service Excellence

As the saying goes, one good turn deserves another. Securus Technologies caught the eye of one of the world’s most prestigious awards for excellent customer service or another point of contact between the staffs and the clients. In fact, it was a day of harvesting for the ever-rising Securus. The firm scooped a cool three awards. The ceremony took place at a Las Vegas posh joint called Caesar’s Palace. The company took home the customer service Complaints Team trophy of the year. One of the firm’s staffs also did the company proud because she was noted among the competitors, and awarded the Customer Service Manager of The Year. Ms. Zeperita was the Securus star manager in the customer service department. She scooped the Customer Service Professional of the Year Award and was closely trailed by the video team which took home the Bronze medal for the Frontline customer service of the year. Scooping the Stevie awards was a strong reaffirmation of Securus’ leading role in the Security Service sector and the way they conduct their business. The Stevie awards are probably the most prestigious awards for corporate performance the world over.


Drones Deliver a Mixed Bag of Fortunes

Drones are believed to have been made with good intention. However, soon after, criminally minded individuals figured out that the devices could be used to accomplish missions outside of the law; the crooks swung into action to make sure that they exploited the chance to deliver contraband in jails. According to the news media reports, there have been over 12 illegal attempts to reach into prison facilities using drones. These reports have been corroborated by prisons officials across the nation. Drones have come to be accessible owing to their friendly prices. While the devices were thought to only be accessible by military personnel, over time the devices have become affordable and available to all. Drones offer convenience because they do not want to waste time. The second reason why drones are so popular is that they are accurate, less demanding and cannot lie. Once you have programmed your drone to accomplish a mission, you only need to press the right button and it will execute your pre-programmed command. Drones are reliable and can transport and deliver many small items including phones and other items that jails will ordinarily ban.

Dr. Saad’s success journey as a pediatric surgeon.

Doe Deere, LimeCrime’s Unicorn Queen

The Unicorn Queen


Every entrepreneur aims to be unique and to have products that stand out and meet customers needs. Doe Deere accomplished this with flying colors, quite literally. Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of LimeCrime, a cosmetics brand that features bold, vivid, fantasy-like colors. LimeCrime is definitely unique and has been consistently growing in popularity.



Doe’s Inspiration for Lime Crime


Doe Deere’s inspiration for LimeCrime stemmed out of necessity. Doe had launched a clothing line in 2004 by the same name, LimeCrime, and wanted her models to wear bold, vivid makeup to model the clothing. She couldn’t find exactly what she wanted on the market, so she began creating her own. This lead to the creation of LimeCrime Cosmetics. She drew color inspiration from fairy tales and decided to let a unicorn be the mascot of LimeCrime.



LimeCrime’s Success


LimeCrime started out humbly as most new businesses do, with an online presence in 2008. Doe marketed her product through video tutorials and since then business has been booming on an international level. LimeCrime is available online and can also be found in retail stores in the United States, Canada, Russia, the Middle East, Mexico, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Indonesia, Poland, and China.



Vegan and Cruelty-Free Products


Doe Deere is an animal lover (as indicated by the company’s mascot) and her vision was to create a vegan and cruelty-free brand. This means that the products are not tested on animals and there are no animal by-products in the cosmetics such as lanolin, beeswax, carmine, etc. LimeCrime is certified by both PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and Leaping Bunny.



Doe Deere, the Philanthropist


There is no doubt that Doe Deere has a colorful and loving heart. As soon as LimeCrime started being successful, Doe Deere wanted to share that success with her favorite charities. As an animal lover, an animal shelter is definitely a charity that she was eager to support. LimeCrime supports Bideawee Animal Shelter located in New York City, NY. Founded in 1909, this shelter is a no-kill shelter. They support the adoption of cats and dogs. Another charity that LimeCrime supports is Girls Inc. This charity was founded in 1864 to help uplift young women after the civil war. Their mission is to “create a safe gathering place for girls to learn and to share in a sisterhood and a strong premise that each girl can develop her own capacities, self- confidence, and grow up healthy, educated, and independent” (



LimeCrime has it all–a competitive advantage, a beautiful and intelligent CEO, a loyal fan base, and a giving spirit. There is no doubt that LimeCrime is an amazing company, dedicated to helping their unicorns (this is what LimeCrime calls its customers) express their unique, bold style. With fun, top-quality products, a competitive advantage, and a CEO with a heart of gold, this company will continue to grow exponentially in the future.


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