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“Closer” Transformed Chainsmokers into Superstars

It has been little over two years since the music duo, Chainsmokers in collaboration with Halsey released their biggest hit song “Closer.” Recently the hit was certified diamond in the USA for making sales over 10 million units. The Chainsmokers together with Halsey released the good news through their Instagram pages by posting photos taken holding their plaques to prove that they really now have a diamond single under their belt.

The last certification for Chainsmokers was in 2017 when the Recording Industry Association of America certified the song when it attained 7 million sales. The track quickly bolted to become the top Hot 100 song during the summer of 2016 and it ruled the charts for a long time than people expected would be possible. Further, the song controlled the listing of all the genre singles for at least a dozen times while trying it against various blockbuster releases to earning the title of the fourth song to run the longest as the No. 1 hit in the country’s history.

“Closer” has also won a number of awards and the song has also been the influencing factor to the duo’s first Grammy Award nomination. Although the song won various awards it was not able to win the award for the Best Pop Duo that is awarded to the group performance category. It lost the award to “Stressed Out,” sung by the Twenty One Pilots. However, “closer” has maintained its popularity over the two years through sales, airplay on radios and streams, It is just recently that the song lost the No.1 spot on the Billboard’s category of Hot Dance to “The Middle,” a song by Zedd, Grey, and Maren.

Before the Chainsmokers released the song “Closer” they were doing fairly well in the industry. In this time they had few songs on the top 10 hit songs which pushed their relevance in music. However, when they released “Closer,” there was a complete transformation of the situation and the song turned them into superstars. In the song, they collaborated with Halsey, and it also became her breakout single as a new artist, although she had already proven herself worthy and with a large fan base before the “Closer.”