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A Look Into Paul Mampilly’s Career And Background

Bayan Hill Publishing Company’s Paul Mampilly is one of the most respected names in the investment and hedge fund management field. Paul has been featured in the Bloomberg Television, CNBC as well as Fox Business News for his prowess in these fields. At Bayan Hill Publishing, Paul Mampilly is the founder and editor of the popular newsletter known as Profits Unlimited. In this newsletter that has already accumulated a sum of a hundred and thirty thousand subscribers, Paul Mampilly shares insider skills and tactics to readers about the stock market as a former big shot in Wall Street.

Paul Mampilly before Bayan Hill

Paul Mampilly has been in the hedge fund and investment industry for more than a decade. He started out in the year 1989 as an accountant assistant to the portfolio manager at Chatham Street Management firm. In the year 1991, he left the firm and started his work at Deutsche Bank which was formerly known as Bankers Trust Company. He started out with the firm as an assistant portfolio manager before finally becoming the portfolio manager at the beginning of the year 1995. He stayed with the company until the year 1998 when he was recruited by Deutsche Asset Management as a Research analyst, a job he did until the end of the year 2001 when he moved on to ING Funds where he worked as a senior research analyst for more than a year. From there he tried his own ventures before joining Kinetics Asset Management as the senior portfolio manager for more than five years. With the years of experience Wall Street, he decided to take his found experience into the mainstream and help the 99 percent join the one percent.

Paul began his career as an author and analyst at Common since Publishing in the year 2011. He then moved on to Agora Financial where he took on similar tasks with the addition of the task of an Investment Director in 2014. He then worked for Stansberry Research for a year before joining Bayan Hill.


Paul has an MBA in Finance from the Fordham Gabelli School of Business.

About Paul Mampilly: www.stockgumshoe.com/tag/paul-mampilly/